sewlomax brightens your day with embroidered lifestyle accessories

SewLomax brightens your day with embroidered lifestyle accessories

Homegirl London pays homage to SewLomax (now called Emma Lomax).  This business is owned by Emma Lomax who designs quirky, kitsch and fun cosmetic bags, wash bags, pencil cases, glasses cases plus more.  On top of that she also makes pretty aprons, tea towels and adorable baby accessories.  Her work features bold embroidered objects – lipsticks, nail polishes, crayons and pencils in bright pops of colour.  Vivacious, witty and super stylish, these make for gorgeous gifts or a well-deserved treat.  Emma’s interest in embroidery comes from her talented mum who actually taught the subject.  Following in her footsteps Emma was a textiles teacher before launching her own business.  Now she gets to make pretty lifestyle accessories for a living.  I caught up with Emma to find out more about SewLomax.

sewlomax brightly coloured cosmetic bags

Lipstick Embroidery Cosmetic Bags

Meet the Designer Behind SewLomax

Emma studied Fine Art at City & Guilds London Art School, where she focussed on painting.  Way before that she was exposed to what would become her craft of choice – “My mother was an embroidery teacher so I was lucky enough to have learned heaps of my embroidery skills from her.  I was surrounded by buttons, bobbins and cottons from a very young age.  It’s like I was born with a needle and thread in my hand.  My mum is such a big inspiration to me.”

sewlomax owner emma lomax

Emma Lomax

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Emma taught textiles to 11-19 year olds.  She tells me – “Although this was something I loved and was very rewarding, I really missed my own creative process.  So I decided to go for it and set up my own brand.  SewLomax began in 2011 when Emma started creating bespoke designs.  Her first collection launched in October 2012.

sewlomax nail varnish decorated cosmetic bags

Nail Varnish Embroidery Cosmetic Bags

Emma reveals – “For me, the business was an organic process.  I really enjoyed designing and stitching lipstick and nail polishes.  The opportunity came when Emma started talking to some of the big department stores about her designs.  She tells me – “This is when it hit home that what I loved doing had now turned from a hobby into a successful business.”  As you’ve probably figured out by now, the company name is a combination of Emma’s sewing craft and her surname of Lomax.  Emma works at home from the spare room or sews at the kitchen table which suits her perfectly – “I find my creative juices flow a little better when I’m in a comfortable and familiar environment.  I also get to stay in my pyjamas all day if I want!”

View the SewLomax Collection

This business is all about embroidery, Emma explains – “Embroidery was always something I’ve enjoyed and have a real passion for.  It takes time, hard work and skill and I love seeing the beautiful end result.”  Emma tells me about her style – “It’s bold, fun and witty.  I find my most popular pieces are always the most simple with only two or three colours.  I like to think that my products offer something a little different.  They bring a smile to your face and offer a touch of fun and style.  Everything is handmade and so a lot of work and love goes into each one.”

sewlomax selection of blue products

Selection of Cases and Bags in Blues

The products feature literal designs which usually relate to their use, for example – spectacles will be found on glasses cases, pencils and crayons on pencil cases and lipsticks and nail varnishes adorn makeup bags.  Emma reveals – “As a child I’d spend hours sitting in beauty halls waiting for my mum to decide between which two red lipsticks she should have and then ultimately buying both.  These hours of waiting led me to love all the rows of pretty nail polishes and perfume bottles and in the end inspired me to draw and stitch these into my designs.”  Emma has a big selection of cosmetic bags to choose from in luscious lemon, raspberry, blueberry and many more juicy colours.

sewlomax product selection

Selection of Cases and Bags in Pinks

For domestic goddesses, Emma’s retro and stylish pretty aprons will do just nicely.  Featuring embroidery cakes with the words ‘bite me,’ along with pictures of a slice of cake, full English breakfast or lobster with salad.  These include cute gingham trimmings and neck ties.  You get two handy front pockets and the shape has a flattering nipped in waist so you can look ravishing when you’re cooking up some tasty treats.  These come with matching tea towels or Aga Covers to brighten up your kitchen.

sewlomax aprons

Pretty Aprons

Emma also makes a selection of adorable baby accessories.  She has some nice thoughtful products like the muslin swaddle wrap and the soother (dummy) protector with a clip plus some 100% cotton bibs.  The colour options are blue, green and pink with dummy or safety pin imagery.

sewlomax baby products

Selection of Baby Accessories

Buy SewLomax Products

You can buy Emma’s products from her website Sewlomax Website (now Emma Lomax).  Alternatively, pop into Harvey Nichols or Fortnum & Mason.  To give you an idea about prices – Cosmetic Bags are £25-28, Wash Bags £35, Glasses Cases £15-16, Tablet Cases £20, Camera Cases £18 and Stationery Cases £6-12.  The Aprons are £12, Tea Towels £12 and Aga Covers £24.  Baby Muslin Sets are £12.50-26, Soother Protectors £4 and Bibs x 2 £8.  Some of the products can be personalised which is a really nice touch.

Author: Homegirl London.  Thanks: Emma Lomax.