Scandi Christmas tree decorations are the way to go if you’re after a super stylish yet simple look this year. With many retailers stocking Scandinavian Christmas tree hanging decorations you’ll find plenty to lust after. I’ve picked out ten of my favourites and have also listed down some decoration tips for you at the bottom of this article. So what are you waiting for? Go buy that tree and treat yourself to some simple Scandi Christmas tree decorations.

scandi christmas tree decorations, rustic green heart

Rustic Metal Heart

Ten Scandi Christmas Tree Decorations

Love this Snowflake Cross Stitch Bauble Kit which gets you in the festive mood. It comes with a mini 3-inch wooden hoop so you can embroider a simple cross stitch snowflake pattern in red. Everything you need is supplied including the Aida fabric, needle and threads so all you need is scissors and you’re good to go. When completed just thread the ribbon through and hang it with pride on your Christmas tree. The measurements are 10cm by 10cm and it comes gift wrapped if you want to pop it into someone’s stocking – £7.50 from The Make Arcade at

scandi christmas tree decorations, snowflake cross stitch kit

Cross Stitch Snowflake

If you don’t have time to make your own decorations you can buy this Nordic Deer Cross Stitch Christmas Decoration instead. Again in the distinctive red and white Scandi colours, this adorable deer sits above a heart with a candy-striped ribbon for hanging. It measures 10cm by 10cm – £8.50 from The Bellwether at

scandi christmas tree decorations, deer cross stitched bauble

Cross Stitch Nordic Deer

These Traditional Gingham Christmas Tags are made using Scandinavian Birchwood which is finished off with red ribbon for hanging. They are gift tags for presents but I think they would look better dressing your Christmas tree. You can write the name of each guest on the back and hang on the branches which would be a thoughtful touch. The cut out shapes includes a stag, goose, dove, heart, tree, star, bell, round bauble and an oval bauble. They measure approximately 10cm high and 8cm wide – £3.99 from Artcuts at

scandi christmas tree decorations, gingham shapes

Gingham Christmas Shapes

For a touch of romanticism, you’ll just adore these Rustic Hearts in red and cream. This has been made from metal with a folksy heart pattern painted on and twine threaded through for hanging on your tree. You can also buy this with other patterns which include flowers and hearts, hearts and barley, snowflake or clover. Other options include a cream background with the decorative detailing in red or green and cream variations. This one is small which measures 13cm high and 9cm wide – £1.95, £2.95 for medium and £4.95 for large from the dotcomgiftshop.

scandi christmas tree decorations, rustic metal heart

Metal Rustic Hearts

In a similar style are these rather lovely Rustic Birds. Again you can buy them in the same patterns and colour options as the Rustic Hearts. These come in small which measures 7cm high and 13cm long and large which is 9cm high and 21cm in length – £1-1.95 from the dotcomgiftshop.

scandi christmas tree decorations, rustic metal birds

Metal Rustic Birds

Delightful Dala Horse Scandinavian Decorations made from white stoneware clay. Dala horses are traditional Scandinavian children’s toys which are also associated with frugality. These feature a faint snowflake pattern on the back and threaded with satin ribbons for hanging on your tree. Large horses are 10cm by 9cm and the small horses are 5cm by 7cm with a 9cm ribbon – £12 from Little Brick House Ceramics at

scandi christmas tree decorations, dala horse

Scandinavian Dala Horse

Giant Nordic Bauble with Real Gold Lustre stamped with rows of Nordic winter style patterns. This two-dimensional bauble is bigger than average so will certainly get noticed hanging from your tree. Finished with real gold lustre it will glow in the dark and comes to life when the fairy lights are lit. Made from porcelain, this item measures 15.5cm by 13cm – £23 by Jo Heckett at

scandi christmas tree decorations, white ceramic bauble

Giant Nordic Bauble

Zing with these three-dimensional Zinc Hanging Stars which have been made from lightweight metal. These come in a set of six with jute string so they are ready to adorn your tree. A great way to give your decorations an urban Scandi look. The measurements are 11cm high, 12cm wide and 2cm in depth – £15.50 from Cox and Cox.

scandi christmas tree decorations, zinc hanging stars

Zinc Hanging Stars

The Star Tree Topper has been made to coordinate with the Zinc Hanging Stars. It’s a simple yet super stylish way to finish off your tree decorations. Made from lightweight metal with a spiral wire base to keep it in place perched right on top of your tree. The measurements are 22cm high, 16.5cm wide and 4.5cm in depth – £7.50 from Cox and Cox.

scandi christmas tree decorations, top of tree zinc star

Star Tree Topper

I like these Red Berry Christmas Tree Lights which can be used inside and outside so are worth the investment. You get one hundred lights in total which give off a warm red glow and would look amazing threaded through the branches of a real Christmas tree. The cable length is 19.9m with bulb spacing at 10cm – £25 from John Lewis & Partners.

scandi christmas tree decorations, red berry lights

Red Berry Christmas Tree Lights

Scandi Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

I’ve only scratched the surface here with my ten recommendations but there are plenty of other Scandi decorations you could choose. Here are my tips on making your Christmas tree a Scandi success.

Christmas Trees: If you want a real Christmas tree buy from a sustainable forest, here is a link to one I found online Christmas Forest. Check that the pine needles won’t shed all over your floor (unless you like vacuuming that is). Or you can find plenty of cool alternatives like wooden tree structures but keep it simple in white or natural wood tones, nothing brash.

Colours: In terms of decoration colours white, red and dark green work well or combinations of those, for example, red with white or dark green with white. For metallic finishes stay with silver or zinc. But if you love gold or copper you can introduce those instead but keep to one metallic and stick with it. Natural wood tones are also great.

Materials: Metal, zinc, reclaimed wood, birch wood, felt, paper, ceramic and clay are perfect.

Shapes and Details: Stars, hearts, bells, snowflakes, doves, reindeers, antlers, Dala horses and a moose or two.

Decorative Patterns: Cross stitch, gingham and red and white candy stripes are perfect decorative patterns.

Style: Go for rustic and the handmade look so nothing too polished or perfect.

Simplicity: Don’t over decorate your tree. I know it’s tempting but less is much better believe me!

Method: Thread the Christmas lights on the tree first so they can shine through and light up the decorations in front. Hang decorations from branches without over cluttering and maintain an even spread. Add a few crackers if you want but keep within the colour and style theme. Avoid tinsel or any tacky bits and bobs. Pop a star on top and you’re good to go. Ho, ho, ho!

Buy Scandi Christmas Tree Decorations

You can buy these decorations from the following online retailers. Merry Christmas!

The Make Arcade, The Bellwether, Artcuts, Little Brick House Ceramics, Jo Heckett at Link
Cox and Cox: Cox and Cox Link
John Lewis & Partners: John Lewis & Partners Link

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The Make Arcade, The Bellwether, Artcuts, dotcomgiftshop, Little Brick House Ceramics, Jo Heckett, Cox and Cox and John Lewis & Partners. Cover Image: Cross Stitch Reindeer from The Bellwether at Thanks: No one assisted with this feature. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners –, Cox and Cox and John Lewis & Partners (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).




Simple Scandi Christmas Tree Decorations