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Six Super Stylish Tote Cooler Bags

Super Stylish Tote Cooler Bags: If you’re looking for a pretty picnic bag, you might want to buy one of these super stylish tote cooler bags. With insulation to keep your food and beverages cold, it’s a no brainer. These are perfect for picnics, snacks for the beach or packing a salad to take to the office. Picnics are a great way to meet friends outside while keeping your social distance during the Coronavirus pandemic. There is no reason why your cooler bag doesn’t have to look cool!

Six Super Stylish Tote Cooler Bags

super stylish tote cooler bags

Six Tote Cooler Bags

Tropical Pattern Tote Cooler Bag: Cute shopper bag with stain-resistant aluminium film liner to insulate hot or cold food, £12.99 from Aosbos at Amazon UK (product code: B07V2LHT1K).

Beau & Elliot Vibe Lunch Cooler Tote: Stylish heart pattern insulated bag which keeps food cold for up to four hours or longer if you add an ice pack, £16.99 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 84591006).

Beau & Elliot Champagne Edit Lunch Cooler Tote: Contemporary pattern with gold detailing makes this bag an appealing option for keeping your food as fresh as you look, £16.99 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 84591004).

Meadow Cooler Tote Bag: Handbag style bag, which is ideal for taking your lunch to work, to the beach or a picnic in the park, £16 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 84876002).

Sunnylife Islabomba Cooler Bag: Colourful grid design pattern bag made to make you look fabulous as you sashay to your picnic, £30 from Amara (product code: S9DCOBIS).

Sahara Slouchy Cool Bag: PVC easy clean lining, thermal insulation and the colourful pattern make this bag a must, £12 from Argos (product code: 446/8071).

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You can buy these adorable tote cooler bags from the following online retailers:

Aosbos at Amazon UK Affiliate Link: Amazon UK
John Lewis & Partners Affiliate Link: John Lewis & Partners
Amara Affiliate Link: Amara
Argos: Argos

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