small bathroom storage solutions sorted

Small bathroom storage solutions sorted

If you have a petite bathroom, you’ll need some simple and small bathroom storage solutions.  I’ve found a selection of vintage industrial shelving and rustic shelves which will suit most interior schemes.  Some are wall-mounted storage which is perfect if you don’t have much floor space.  The other items are stand-alone, like ladder shelves and metal baskets, so don’t require any fixing and perfect for any DIY avoiders.  All of these pieces are multi-use so if you do start to feel cramped, or just fancy a change, then you can deploy them elsewhere.  Let’s take a look at the small bathroom storage solutions which will help you keep your clutter at bay.

small bathroom storage solutions

Bathroom Storage Sorted from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Wall Mounted Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

The Vintage Style Bath Rack is functional and super stylish.  It is quite easy to fix, there are two wall plates which need to be screwed to the wall.  Then you have a range of storage options with five hanging hooks suitable for shower caps or body scrubbing brushes.  The two-wire baskets can hold toiletries and flannels.  The large zinc trough at the bottom is also good for toiletries, your cosmetics bag and whatever else you need to keep to hand.  This item has been distressed for a vintage flavour and comes with labelling on the wire baskets and trough.  The overall measurements are 92cm high, 40cm wide and 16cm in depth – £125 from Cox and Cox.

small bathroom storage solutions vintage syle bath rack

Vintage Style Bath Rack from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Station Wall Rack will remind you of old train luggage racks.  It has a lovely industrial metal finish with a simple rope basket.  Place it in your bathroom and use the basket for toiletries and the hooks for hanging towels.  Contact with water may cause some rusting but this will only add to the distressed beauty.  Keep it away from the shower if you’re not a lover of rust.  The measurements are 22cm high, 34cm wide and 25cm in depth – £40 from Cox and Cox.

small bathroom storage solutions station style rack

Station Wall Rack from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

This industrial Locker Room Storage Shelf is great for organising toiletries, toilet rolls, and flannels.  Just secure it to the wall and you have three useful compartments plus the top rack.  There are hooks on the bottom rung which is great for towels.  The measurements are 66cm high, 46cm wide and 18cm in depth – £49.95 from Nkuku at

small bathroom storage solutions metal locker style with hooks

Locker Room Storage Shelf from Nkuku at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Dasa Wire Storage Hangers are ever so handy.  They come in an antique grey finish and can be used for hanging up flannels, shower caps and other bathroom essentials.  You can either screw the hanger onto the wall or use it to convert a single hook on the back of the door so that it can be used extensively.  The measurements are 19cm high and 33cm wide – £12 from Two Little Birdies at

small bathroom storage solutions metal hanger with hooks

Dasa Wire Storage Hangers from Two Little Birdies at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Free Standing Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

This Rustic Wooden Ladder Shelf is rather lovely.  This is ideal for bathroom storage thanks to the six shelves of various depths with easy access.  It’s been made from spruce wood and has a sturdy structure.  There is absolutely no assembly required.  All you have to do is prop the flat shelf against the wall and you can even fold it flat when not in use.  The overall measurements are 180cm high, 48cm wide and 36cm in depth – £170 from Cox and Cox.

small bathroom storage solutions wooden leaning ladder shelf

Rustic Wooden Ladder Shelf from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

A lovely set of Four-Wire Storage Baskets with wicker detailing around the top rim.  Not only are these pretty but they are perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries, flannels or toilet paper.  Place them on the floor or on a surface like a window sill.  When not in use you can stack them neatly inside each other.  You could also fix these to the wall if required.  The extra-large basket measures 33cm x 33cm x 24cm – £48 from Magpie Living at

small bathroom storage solutions wire baskets with wicker trim

Four Wire Storage Baskets from Magpie Living at (Picture Affiliate Link)

I just love all these items.  They are all ascetically pleasing as well as being totally functional which is fabulous!

Where to Buy Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

These pieces are all available to buy online from the following retailers.

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