Space saving furniture is an interiors trend for 2014.  This is no surprise when property prices are at a premium in London.  Apartments are often lacking in the size department so space saving furniture is essential.  Aside from the vital statistics, space saving furniture must also meet our appetite for super cool design.  Form, function and multi-purpose aspects also play an important factor in how a piece performs in a compact home.

Space Saving Furniture Collection

I attended the Heal’s spring / summer 2014 press preview event and noticed that living room furniture and bedroom furniture sets were especially compact.  Their star attraction for this trend is the Brunel furniture collection.  This range is a partnership with London based designer Rob Scarlett.  The collection comprises of multi-functional furniture pieces which have been crafted from oak and combined with steel.  The result is a mid century come industrial feel which has been inspired by furniture in the Heal’s archive.

This is a very versatile and stylish furniture range which has been specifically designed to suit smaller city living spaces.  Take this Occasional Table, it can be used as a bench and you can place it in the living room, hallway or bedroom.  The Mirror cleverly doubles as a valet stand which you could use in the bedroom or the hallway to hang up coats.

Space saving furniture, brunel collection

Space Saving Furniture – Rob Scarlett, Brunel Collection

More space saving furniture for the bedroom includes a Bed, Tall Chest, Lean To Side Table and a Chest of Drawers.  I particularly liked the Lean To Side Table, a great way to save on space without compromising on style.

Space saving furniture, brunel collection (2)

Space Saving Furniture – Rob Scarlett, Brunel Collection

If your living room needs to work in a variety of ways, the Brunel Dining Table, Benches and Stools are versatile.  Use the table as a desk during the day and a place to eat at night.  Use the bench as a coffee table until your guests arrive and then switch it to become a seat.

Space Saving furniture, Brunel collection (3)

Space Saving Furniture – Rob Scarlett, Brunel Collection

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

If you need your small space to accommodate your large living, here’s a few space saving furniture ideas.

  • Space saving furniture for the kitchen: Fit slim but tall wall units.  If you need extra work counter space consider a flip down shelf which you can store away when not in use.  This counter space could double up as a breakfast bar
  • Space saving furniture for the living room: Consider a compact sofa or foot stool which can double as a guest bed.  Lean to shelving is very appealing and saves space.  Opt for a coffee table with storage underneath.  If you’re living room doubles as your office, buy a desk which can be used as a dining table
  • Space saving furniture for the dining room: Drop leaf dining tables which can be extended for dinner parties are a good idea.  Fold away dining room chairs which can be hung on the wall when not in use or stacking chairs are a must
  • Space saving furniture for the bedroom: Opt for a bed with storage underneath or a fitted wall bed.  Bed side tables should be small with shelving or cupboard space.  Fitted wardrobes which meet the ceiling are a good idea.  Tall Boy chests are tall but slim so you can still pack a lot in

Buy Space Saving Furniture

If you’re searching for space saving furniture, take a look at these websites for ideas.

Heals: Heal’s Link
Habitat: Habitat Link UK: UK Link

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