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Splendid Home Spa Beauty Treatment Products

Finds Edit: Home Spa Beauty Treatment Products. If you haven’t got the time or the cash to splash out on a spa visit, you can always treat yourself at home. Buy a few essentials like a body brush, pumice stone and exfoliating massage glove to remove dead skin cells and invigorate the skin. Then get your gift list up to date and ask for incense sticks, body scrubs, massage oils and bath oils for your birthday! See my Home Spa Beauty Treatment Products give you a few ideas.

Splendid Home Spa Beauty Treatment Products

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Finds Edit

Ila-Spa Incense: Waft this beautiful purity and peace aroma of Jasmine and Sandalwood around your bathroom as you sink back in a tub of hot water, £12 from Beauty Expert.

L:A Bruket Wild Rose Sea Salt Scrub: Massage this sea salt scrub on to wet skin and rinse to stimulate cell renewal and leave your body feeling soft, £30 from The Conran Shop (product code: 1168327).

Temple Spa Sugar Buff Body Scrub: Buff your body and remove dead skin cells with this olive oil, fig and pomegranate scrub, £27 from Harrods (product code: 1353017).

Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath and Body Oil: Enjoy a leisurely soak with this lavender and eucalyptus or massage it into your skin to soften and hydrate, £23 from Cowshed UK (product code: 10001153).

Natural Pumice Stone: Treat those feet of yours to exfoliation to remove dead skin and soften them up, £2 from Soho Home Ltd.

Honeycomb Sponge: Use this sea sponge to exfoliate your body which is sourced from the east Mediterranean with divers monitored to ensure that the environment is protected, £17 from Soho Home Ltd.

Body Brush: This natural bristled, and long-handled brush will help to exfoliate your skin, boost circulation and thus improve skin tone and texture, £8.50 from Neals Yard Remedies (product code: PLU 1001).

Iris Hantverk Nail Brush Lovisa: Give your hands and nails a good clean and stimulation with this oak nail brush, £9 from Scandinavian Design Center UK (product code: 18465-01).

Exfoliating Massage Glove: Another way to get rid of dead skin on your body is with this handy glove which is made from sustainable materials, £7.50 from Bed and Bath Emporium.

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