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Super Cute Indoor Plant Holders

Homegirl London’s Five Fab Finds: Indoor Plant Holders. At the Top Drawer Spring / Sumer 2017 trade show I spotted a few cute Indoor Plant Holders. I’m a fan of bringing nature into the home, and indoor plants are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the luxury of a garden or balcony. See my favourite five picks which include a range of materials; ceramic, fabric and bamboo.

bloomingville indoor plant holders

Bloomingville Designs

Five Indoor Plant Holders

Libby Ballard: Libby is obsessed with clay; she loves working with this material because of its tactile nature and the results. She’s inspired by the sea and coastal landscapes which are reflected in the colours, shapes and forms that her objects take. Using a combination of porcelain and stoneware, she likes to experiment with glazes and textures. Her pieces include plates, cereal bowls, mugs, tumblers and espresso cups. I love her Mini Planters which are new. These are available in green with light blue base or green with indigo base. The Speckled Planters are also adorable, which are a two-tone blue-green hue.

libby ballard indoor plant holders

Libby Ballard Designs

Duck Ceramics: Alice Duck works from her Brighton studio where she makes all her ceramic pieces by hand. She uses the slip casting technique to create her collection of simple and functional vessels, vases, mugs and bowls. The vessels can be used as you wish and they certainly make adorable plant holders for mini cacti. Pop one on your home office desk and you’ll have something to admire when you’re fed up with working. I love the natural shapes and flaws which are all part of the handmade charm.

duck ceramics indoor plant holders

Duck Ceramics Designs

Lindy Bartletta Ceramics / Sheen Pottery: Lindy’s new work focuses on coloured porcelain. I saw her Fern design slab vessels at the Top Drawer Show, which were beautiful. They are made by hand-rolling the clay which is then impressed with a fabulous fern design while it is still soft. The forms are then put together in various shapes before fired and glazed. Some of the vessels are perfect for holding plants, especially the petal-shaped version. The colours were stunning, which included a blue and claret red colour.

lindy barletta indoor plant holders

Lindy Bartletta Designs

Lorna Syson: Lorna’s Garden Plant Pots selection is made from digitally printed fabric with a water-resistant PU canvas lining. It’s best to remove the plant when you water and let it drain to avoid getting the holder too wet or pop a small dish in the base to collect the water. The four pretty designs in this range are called Chrysanthemum, Buds and Butterflies, Wren and Cherry and Pansy. Lorna loves nature which features throughout her work. She also makes cushions, lampshades, fabric, wallpaper, greeting cards and more.

lorna syson indoor plant holders

Lorna Syson Designs

Boomingville: This Danish brand brings you a collection of natural and rustic plant holders. The selection will include woven bamboo plant holders standing on little legs plus rattan and seagrass plant holders. They will also have an extensive range of stoneware pots decorated with earthy glazes. You can buy Bloomingville products from the Amara website.

bloomingville bamboo indoor plant holders

Bloomingville Designs from Amara (Picture Affiliate Link)

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To find out more about these designers/brands and to buy the products, see the websites below.

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Duck Ceramics Link: Duck Ceramics
Lindy Bartletta Ceramics Link: Lindy Bartletta Ceramics
Lorna Syson Link: Lorna Syson
Bloomingville Link: Bloomingvill
Amara Affiliate Link: Amara

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I saw these products at the Top Drawer  Spring / Summer 2017 exhibition. This is a trade show where designers and brands showcase their work for buyers. Author: Homegirl London. Thanks: David Gorrod. Photographs: Libby Ballard, Duck Ceramics, Lorna Syson, Bloomingville and Homegirl London. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner link – Amara (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).