taiwanese lunch at bao borough market london se1

Taiwanese Lunch At Bao Borough Market London SE1

Lunch at Bao Borough Market, London SE1, is a must for anyone who loves Taiwanese buns, grilled food and karaoke. We usually order from the takeaway counter and eat our bao buns at one of the nearby benches. On this occasion, it was miserable outside, so we decided to venture in and get ourselves cosy. If you’re looking for the best bao buns in London, places to have lunch in Borough Market or near London Bridge, you’ll be super happy at Bao.

bao borough market menu

“Drop by Bao next time you find yourself in Borough Market for fluffy Taiwanese buns and fried chicken with hot sauce followed by a spot of karaoke,” Homegirl London.

Bao Borough Market Menu

bao borough market curry bao

I always order their two vegetarian bao options: curry cheese, which is fried cheese, curry sauce, Sichuan oil and fermented chilli. My other choice is the green monster, a fried daikon cake with burnt green chilli sauce, soy pickled jalapeno in a coriander and sesame bao. The latter is a hot hit in the mouth!

bao borough market prawn bao

The other bao buns are classic and contain braised pork with peanut powder, fermented greens and coriander. Fried chicken is accompanied by hot sauce and kimchi for a fiery taste. Or you may prefer the beef short rib with egg emulsion, fermented cucumber and crispy shallots. Their prawn shia song is a delightful mix of prawns, carrots, celery, mayo, and coriander enveloped in a finger-shaped fried bao. To elevate the experience, a selection of dipping sauces, from hot sauce to Sichuan mayo and plum pickle ketchup, are available.

bao borough market grilled hispi cabbage

In addition to the tempting array of bao buns, the menu features a couple of grilled options, including the beef rice bowl with 40-day-aged Cornish beef denver marinated in their soy garlic marinade. Or you may prefer the chilli chicken wings marinated in yellow chilli topped with 400-day-aged soy. Other dishes range from crispy noodle chips to house pickles, and yu shiang boiled eggs, cold smoked aubergine panko and the grilled ox heart skewer. We shared the grilled hispi cabbage and a delicious chocolate bao for dessert.

bao borough market chocolate bao

Helpful Information About Bao Borough Market

For more information, visit the Bao Borough Market website. The restaurant is located beneath the railway tracks at 13 Stoney Street, Borough Market, London SE1 9AD, a short walk from London Bridge or Borough Stations. It is open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm to 10 pm, Friday through Saturday from 12 pm to 10.30 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 9 pm. You can dine in or take away from the counter. The interiors are inspired by late-night grill establishments across Asia with high counter tables and stool seating.

bao borough market exterior

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