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Ten Home Office Styling Tips

Ten Home Office Styling Tips: If you’re going to be working at home for a while, it’s essential to create a charming office space. Your unique style and personality will guide you on the interior styling, and the ultimate aim is to make this room a place you relish being in. It’s crucial to select the right desk, chair and storage furniture. Having something fascinating to stare at, whether that’s the outside world through a window or a unique piece of artwork, will improve creativity. I hope my Ten Home Office Styling Tips will enhance your working-from-home experience.

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Graphik Desk From Maisons du Monde

My Ten Home Office Styling Tips

1. Select a style and theme for your room which reflects your personality. If you are a minimalist, then you will probably choose whitewashed walls, storage to hide away clutter, modern furniture and sleek designer objects. Eccentrics may opt for a dark, dramatic interior filled with vintage items discovered at antique markets. Whatever your preferred style, make this room a place you want to be.

2. Choose a desk that suits your purposes and the size of the room. If you need to spread out paperwork, you’ll need a large desk, and you could consider a small dining table. A small desk will suffice if you use a paper-free laptop. Wall-leaning ladder desks are perfect space-saving options should you require something compact. The desk style, material, colour and storage options are considerations to mull over before making your final choice.

3. Where you place your desk in the room is essential. If you can look out the window while you work and enjoy a magnificent view, that is the ideal position. If you have an unsightly view from your window, place pots of flowers, cacti or succulents on the windowsill. Another option is to install a roller blind with a lovely printed image so that you have something pleasant to see. If your desk faces a wall, you can cover this with wallpaper or a piece of artwork to admire. Displaying objects on a shelf will also give you something beautiful to appreciate.

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Graphik Desk From Maisons du Monde

4. If you are taking part in video conference calls, be mindful of what the other person can see in your home office. Please read my Video Conference Home Background Staging Tips for more information.

5. The office chair you select is critical because you may be working a full day at home, and being comfortable is a priority. If you can purchase an ergonomic office chair with adjustable arms and seat, you can find your optimum position. Alternatively, use a dining room chair and drape it with a sheepskin rug to make it cosy and add a cushion for extra comfort.

6. If you have room in your home office, add a daybed, sofa bed or lounge chair. It is always nice to have a different chair or a settee to relax on when you need a change from sitting at your desk.

7. Keeping your home office clean and tidy is essential, so invest in storage solutions for your files, the printer and the shredder. Lockable filing cabinets are perfect if you need to keep paperwork private. Bookshelves are ideal if you have reference books to consult. Reduce clutter and be mindful of unsightly trailing computer cords. If you are a maximalist and chaos, then you can ignore this tip!

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Graphik Desk From Maisons du Monde

8. The inspirational stimulus is vital for anyone who has a creative job or wants something aesthetic to stare at for a few minutes. Abstract artwork, a pinboard with exciting pictures and sculptures dotted around the room are perfect. The room should include objects that evoke emotions and are personal to you.

9. The objects you place on your desk are essential. You need space to work, so be mindful of adding too many items. The critical pieces are a desk lamp and a tidy pot for pens and office sundries. A plant is a cheerful addition to your desk surface. Anything else that is not required should be displayed on a shelf or hidden in a cupboard.

10. A good light source is crucial when working on a computer. Strong sunlight streaming through your window may be too harsh, so ensure you have a suitable window covering. A desk lamp with an adjustable arm is ideal for continuing work in the evening.

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