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Stylish Small Basket Storage Solutions

Small Basket Storage Solutions: After staying at home for a few weeks during the Coronavirus lockdown, it’s time to get stuff sorted. With time on your hands and nowhere to go, decluttering and reorganising your belongings might now seem like an exciting task. I’ve bought new storage boxes and have been through every cupboard in my apartment. I’ve been putting this task off for some time but decided if I don’t attend to it now, I will kick myself when the lockdown is over. I’ve picked out some super stylish small basket storage solutions, which are perfect if you want to minimise clutter without hiding it in a cupboard. These decorative baskets can be used to store yoga mats, throws, toys, and more.

Seven Small Basket Storage Solutions

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Seven Small Basket Storage Solutions

Ekuri Basket: Seagrass belly basket with carrying handles in a striking natural and black zigzag pattern, £30 for the large size from Amara (product code: EB3703). I have a similar basket and use it to store my yoga blocks and mat inside so I can easily access these items when I feel the need for a stretch!

Gallery Carrera Basket: Set of three rattan baskets with an open weave and bohemian appearance, £141 from Olivia’s. This is perfect for rolling up your throws, so they are to hand when you feel a chill in the evening.

Rattan Shelf Basket: Natural brown tight woven rectangle basket with one handle to help you easily remove it from the shelf, £95 from OKA UK (product code: RD402). An ideal option is keeping placemats and coasters close to the dining room table.

Nkomi Basket: Handwoven basket made from water hyacinth and corn husk with two-tone colours and carrying handles, £39.95-59.95 from Nkuku (product codes: NB1301 AND NB1302). An attractive storage option for toys.

Lidded Baskets: Mink brown basket set comprising of three lidded rectangle baskets with handles, £18 from Dunelm. These would be lovely in the bedroom for fashion accessories, your hairdryer and other objects.

Bali Basket: Strong and sturdy natural rattan woven square basket with carrying handles, £71 from Urbanara. Excellent for books, magazines and heavy objects.

Hadid Basket Set: Two grey colour round rattan baskets with lids and a cut-out handle to make moving these baskets easier, £79 from UK (product code: BTAHAD006GRY-UK). An excellent choice for hats and caps.

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Author: Homegirl London who is self-isolating at home with her laptop! Photographs: Amara, Olivia’s, OKA UK, Nkuku, Dunelm, Urbanara and UK.