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Ten Interior Design Trends 2019

Trends: Ten Interior Design Trends 2019. If you want to know how to style and decorate your home next year, read my Ten Interior Design Trends 2019 List. This includes info about paint colours, wallpaper, furniture and home accessories. If you are delighted with your space the way it is, you can ignore this article!

Ten Interior Design Trends 2019 List

10 Interior Design Trends 2019

1. Happy Homestead
2. Middlemalism
3. Bauhaus Revised
4. Socialising Sobremesa
5. Living Coral
6. Industrial Upgrade
7. Blue Hues
8. Urban Bolds
9. Spiced Honey
10. Eastern Artistry

Ten Interior Design Trends 2019 Information

1. Happy Homestead: If you live in the UK, you’ll be well aware that Brexit is on the horizon. If and when this happens, we are likely to be spending more time at home, waiting to see how the economy is affected. With unpredictable house prices, moving home may not be an option at the moment. Creating a happy homestead and hunkering down might be something to comfort you. Whether that’s redecorating or buying yourself a few lovely things. I have a feeling that we might be getting cosy in a log cabin kind of way. Think real fires, blankets, wool throws, warm rugs, handmade furniture and natural wood materials.

ten interior design trends 2019, oakham bookcase, barker and stonehouse copy

Happy Homestead: Oakham Bookcase from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

2. Middlemalism: We started to embrace minimalism, and the Scandi paired back look. Then along came Maximalism which was pattern crazy, object stuffing and a complete overload. You might now be confused about whether to go for more or less. How about meeting somewhere in the middle? Middlemalism might be the way to go. Okay, I just made up that word, but hopefully, you know what I mean. Don’t go too bare in your interiors so that it looks like you’ve just moved into your house and haven’t got around to buying yourself many decorative objects yet. Don’t overdo it either and give yourself a headache with clashing colours. Besides, think about all that extra cleaning and dusting! One room where you could max out more is the bedroom, make this a sumptuous place to relax and escape from the real world … and Brexit!

ten interior design trends 2019, vignette upholstered bed, the french bedroom co

Middlemalism: Vignette Upholstered Bed from The French Bedroom Co

3. Bauhaus Revised: But don’t worry because if you want to remain a minimalist, you can … Terrence Conran embraced the principles of Bauhaus during his student days, and the movement is now a hundred years old. The 2019 Conran collection pays tribute to Bauhaus with tubular metal furniture and grid patterns. They call this the ‘New Minimalism’ which has simple, clean silhouettes, but it will also be tactile and imperfect. Colours include blues, reds and oranges and specifically rust, coral and Prussian blue. Stripes, grids and marble will be the patterns. Heal’s will also be exploring the Bauhaus Centenary by reviving this aesthetic with a contemporary twist.

ten interior design trends, new minimalism, the conran shop copy

New Minimalism: Boxed Circle Cushion from The Conran Shop (Picture Affiliate Link)

4. Socialising Sobremesa: Another Conran trend is ‘Sobremesa’, which is a Spanish word that means time spent socialising after a meal and enjoying a digestif. Orange is the principal colour alongside emerald green and Conran blue. A rustic and understated artisanal feel will run through this theme. This is perfect for alfresco entertaining in the summer! Heal’s also have a Spanish vibe going on with their new collection called ‘Creative Escapes’ which features a warm colour palette.

ten interior design trends 2019, socialising sobremesa, the conran shop copy

Socialising Sobremesa: Manufacture De Digoin’s Stoneware Kitchen and Dining Collection in coloured enamel, exclusive to The Conran Shop (Picture Affiliate Link)

5. Living Coral: The Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 is Living Coral (Pantone 16-1546). It is described as an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge. Expect to see walls painted in this colour and wallpaper designs in this shade. If you want to add a few touches of Living Coral to your home, try cushions, rugs and throws.

ten interior design trends 2019, living coral, wallpaper dunelm copy

Living Coral: Nu Wallpaper Grove Coral from Dunelm (Picture Affiliate Link)

6. Industrial Upgrade: Crown Paints 2019 trends include ‘Redefined’ which is a contemporary mix of chalky pinks and cement greys. This is a sophisticated take on industrial interiors which moves it to the next level.

ten interior design trends 2019, industrial upgrade, crown paints copy

Industrial Upgrade: Pashmina and Aftershow Matt Emulsion from Crown Paints

7. Blue Hues: Crown Paints is also focussing on ‘Immersed’ which is all about water so expect to see blues ranging from a light haze through to deep midnight. You’ve heard the saying blue and green should never be seen … together … Heal’s tell me that green will be coming back in Spring. The palette will be mossy greens, pastel mint and taupe shades. You can pair this with classic brass finishes. So that you know, bright copper tones are out!

ten interior design trends 2019, blue hues, crown paints copy

Blue Hues: Chalky White, Duck Egg, Teal and Midnight Navy from Crown Paints

8. Urban Bolds: Crown Paints ‘Movement’ is the embodiment of diversity, with global travel and street culture. This is brought to life through burnished greys and bold colours such as mustard, teal, purple, etc.

ten interior design trends 2019, urban bolds, crown paints copy

Urban Bolds: Palm Springs, Marble Top and Grey Suede from Crown Paints

9. Spiced Honey: Dulux Paint selected Spiced Honey as their primary colour for 2019. This is a warm amber tone that is soothing and calming with a cosy feel. It can also become vibrant if paired with the right palette. Spiced Honey works in every room in your home from your boudoir to your lounge and even in the kitchen.

ten interior design trends, spiced honey, dulux copy

Spiced Honey: Paint Colour from Dulux (Picture Affiliate Link)

10. Eastern Artistry: The Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the Year 2019 is Tori. It means bird in Japanese and is featured on their beautiful wallpaper. It celebrates the skill of Eastern art of which birds are a prevalent symbolism of longevity, luck and love. This Chinoiserie bird trail is delightful with spring blossoms and a subtle glistening of silk in deep regal teal. Heal’s also say that there will be a strong Japanese influence next year with simplistic designs. You can channel this trend by bringing a sense of calm into your home and creating a sanctuary rather than just a shelter. Look out for the Matthew Hilton Rubin Lighting created using Mino Washi Paper and the Eden furniture collection crafted from oak from Heal’s.

ten interior design trends 2019, eastern artistry, tori wallpaper graham and brown

Eastern Artistry: Tori Wallpaper from Graham & Brown (Picture Affiliate Link)

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