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Ten Useful Coronavirus Food Shopping Tips

Ten Useful Coronavirus Food Shopping Tips: As the nation (and most of the world) stays at home to stave off the Coronavirus, food shopping has become a significant focus. On 23rd March 2020, Boris Johnson addressed the nation and told us that we should only leave home to shop for necessities which is food and medicine. The advice is to buy our food once per week or less. Your weekly visit to the supermarket has suddenly become very important. I’ve put together ten useful Coronavirus food shopping tips to help you out.

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Ten Useful Coronavirus Food Shopping Tips

1. Try food shopping online: Rather than leave the house, try food shopping online, especially if you already have an active account. We tried numerous large supermarkets for home deliveries but had no luck. We had more success with a London fruit and veg delivery service, which arrived the next day. Ask your neighbours (from a distance) if they have found a supermarket or veg box supplier that delivers to your area.

2. Decide which supermarket is best for you: Scout out the local supermarkets to decide which is the best one to shop from. We found that a large Tesco near London Bridge which opens at 6 am is quiet and has plenty of food. Other supermarkets near us open at 7 am, and those seem to have more people queuing. Supermarkets in London with car parks tend to be rammed, so we avoid those. It is better to shop where there are fewer people.

3. Don’t forget about your friendly corner shop: As most people automatically head for the supermarket, the local store might be overlooked. If you are after a specific item, your local shopkeeper may be able to help you.

4. Shop where social distancing rules are observed: Stay safe by shopping where the two-meter rule is being observed. Be mindful of the rules when you are dashing around the supermarket. Give others space to shop. Be patient, and hopefully, others will act accordingly.

5. Wear what makes you feel safe: Wrap up with scarves, masks, plastic visas, gloves and other items which help you feel protected. Read government guidelines as to which give you the most protection.

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6. Make a thorough shopping list: Make sure you write a shopping list in advance. Create the list on your phone or paper. Add items to your list as soon as you run out of something important. Plan meals in advance which will help focus your mind on key ingredients. Go through all the essential food groups (fruit, veg, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, etc.) to ensure you don’t forget critical items. Prioritise food, which is versatile, long life and essential. Throw in a few treats to lift your spirits.

7. Group food together on your shopping list: You want to get inside the store and shop as quickly as you can. If you know, the layout of the supermarket you can write your shopping list accordingly. For example, if the fruit and veg aisles are near the entrance, these items should be first on your list. Group similar food together, such as tinned food, fresh food, meat, toiletries, etc.

8. Divide and conquer in the supermarket: If you are shopping with your partner, split up when you go into the store. One of you can head to the fruit and veg section while the other hunts for the toilet paper and house cleaning products. Meet in an aisle or at the tills.

9. Take sturdy shopping bags with you: If you are shopping alone, you might be better with a backpack and additional bags you can carry in your hands. Buy a shopping trolley bag on wheels if you are unable to carry large items. If you don’t have a shopping trolley take a small suitcase on wheels. Take more bags than you need in case one breaks or you are lucky enough to find more items than expected.

10. Be courteous to others: If you are reaching for the last remaining pack of toilet rolls, but you already have a stockpile at home, let the other person have it. Don’t buy more than three of the same items. Observe supermarket rules. Say thank you to the shop staff for working because without them you wouldn’t be able to buy any food.

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