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Textured Tufted Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Rooms Edit: Bohemian Bedroom Ideas. A boho boudoir is a relaxed place where you can kick back and escape from the busy world. Choose textured quilts, fringed throws, woven wall hangings and tufted rugs for a tactile and tempting space. See my Bohemian Bedroom Ideas for inspiration.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas Edit

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Rooms Edit

Tufted Cidra Quilt: Beautiful ivory colour tufted cotton quilt with metallic thread detailing, £238 king-size from Anthropologie (UK) (product code: 45405585600210).

Natural Wall Hanging: Tufted, fringed and layered wool woven wall hanging, £18.75 from Ian Snow at Wayfair (product code: IANS4199).

Cream Tufted Hand Woven Basket: Useful rectangular storage basket with lining and textured exterior design, £12.99 from TK Maxx.

Hermine Van Dijck Tufted Throw Blanket: Snuggle-worthy tufted cotton and acrylic woven blanket with a colourful pattern plus tassel detailing, £118 from Anthropologie (UK) (product code: 4540314670068).

Bloomingville Grey Tassel Cotton Cushion: Textured, tufted and fringed decorative cushion in gorgeous grey, £41 from Amara (product code: 5711173165933).

Johanna Modern Tufted Rug: Pretty dyed rug with abstract tufted shapes, which is super soft underfoot, £180 sale price from Urban Outfitters (UK) (product code: 5532474651350).

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