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The Coronavirus New Normal Way Of Life

The Coronavirus New Normal Way Of Life: On the 23rd March 2020, Boris Johnson told us to stay home to save lives and only leave the house for limited reasons. Although these strict measures have been in place for two weeks, it feels like a lifetime. What seemed alien to us has now become commonplace. The Coronavirus New Normal Way Of Life means interacting with other humans from a distance and not leaving home without a mask is natural.


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Keep Your Distance

The Coronavirus New Normal Way Of Life

1. Human interaction has ceased. There are no more physical signs of affection. Kissing, hugging and handshaking are no longer our default or automatic greetings. These acknowledgements are now via virtual interaction or from two-meters with long-distance relationships the norm.

2. Self-isolation has put a stop to socialising. Meeting your mates down the pub or at a restaurant and going to the cinema is no longer permissible. Visiting your parents and playdates for the kids have all stopped. We are instead socialising virtually from inside the safety of our homes.

3. Shielding ourselves before leaving home is a matter of survival. We wrap a scarf around our nose and mouth or put on a facemask. A small bottle of hand sanitiser is always in our pocket and ready to be used if we touch a surface by accident.

4. Items entering our home are suspicious objects. If a letter falls onto our doormat, we put on gloves to pick it up. We wipe down food packages before placing them in cupboards or the fridge.

5. Navigating the street is an obstacle course. We are on a constant look-out for other people, and if someone approaches from a distance, we cross the road to avoid them.

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One Form of Exercise

6. Food shopping habits have changed. We no longer pop to the corner shop when a chocolate craving strikes. Grocery shopping is pre-planned and a weekly occurrence. Scoping out which supermarket has the least people queuing and is likely to have toilet paper is the priority. Standing two meters apart, waiting to gain entrance to a store is the new normal. If we return home with all our food list ticked off the list, it has been a successful day.

7. Home mealtimes are the focus of our day. Dining at food halls and restaurants has stopped. We are thus making the most out of the store cupboard ingredients to create tasty meals. We get busy with home baking, bread-making and preparing comfort food. Food waste has reduced, which is a good thing.

8. Exercise is a priority. Our one form of exercise a day is the main reason for leaving home apart from our weekly food shopping excursion. Joggers, cyclists and walkers feel grateful for their time outside the house. Home work-out and videos become part of our daily routine.

9. We try our hand at DIY beauty treatments and haircuts. Covering up grey roots, waxing body hair, applying a face mask and filing our nails are tasks we now have to do ourselves. Visiting the beauty salon or hairdressers is a distant memory.

10. Netflix and Amazon Prime have become our primary source of entertainment. With most of our day spent at home, TV is a big part of our lockdown life. We are watching those lengthy boxset sagas we didn’t have time to see before.

The Coronavirus New Normal Way Of Life Benefits

Staying at home means saving lives so we can’t complain about that. Our daily routines have been affected, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When we are working long hours and juggling childcare, it can feel suffocating. At some point in our lives, we wish that the world would stop so we can catch up on chores and tasks. The world is on pause so take this down-time to reflect on your life, and you will reap the rewards when Coronavirus subsides.

Author: Homegirl London who is self-isolating at home with her laptop! Photographs: Homegirl London.