Tigermoth Lighting handcrafts contemporary lights from luxury materials

Tigermoth Lighting craft contemporary lights from luxury materials

Homegirl London pays homage to Tigermoth Lighting.  This business makes ultra-cool contemporary lighting using premium materials – hand-cut crystals, luxurious silks, delicate chains and metal.  This is the work of engineer turned designer Harriet Daniels who creates every light by hand with the help of her dedicated team of craftspeople.  She makes chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights and lamps in an array of finishes, colours, shapes and sizes.  Harriet’s pared down style really allows the materials to shine through and speak for themselves.  I caught up with Harriet to find out more about Tigermoth Lighting.

tigermoth lighting clear crystal shallow chandelier

Clear Crystal Shallow Chandelier

Meet the Tigermoth Lighting Designer

Harriet originally trained as an engineer and worked as a production manager and consultant for large corporations.  In her spare time she indulged her creative side – “I’ve always been passionate about design which was a hobby like refurbishing my home.  In 2008 I was looking for a chandelier which was contemporary in style but also built to last.  I couldn’t find anything suitable and that’s when the business idea struck me.  I realised that, with my background in engineering and creative flair, I could design something better.”

Tigermoth Lighting Harriet Daniels

Harriet Daniels

So Harriet set to work designing her first collection which she launched at Decorex International in September 2009.  The move to running her own business has worked out well, she tells me – “Having the freedom to create something from nothing is just such an amazing feeling.  Turning an idea into a design and putting it into production is very rewarding.  The icing on the cake is helping clients to find the right light for them and seeing those lights in their homes.”

tigermoth lighting clear crystal chandelier

Clear Crystal Chandelier

The business now employs a small team of highly skilled craftspeople who make the lights to order.  Harriet also works with an extended team of artisans and small workshops on projects.  She is based in a converted boathouse by the river Thames in Pangbourne, Berkshire – “I find the river and the surrounding countryside a never ending source of inspiration.  If I’m working on a niggling design challenge, the answer often comes to me when I leave my desk and take a walk along the riverbank.”

Tigermoth Lighting Collection

Harriet tells me about the Tigermoth design style – “The first thing that most people notice about our lights is the beautiful materials we use.  The clean lines set a tone of pared-back contemporary elegance, but ultimately they allow the materials to speak for themselves.  I’ve always been drawn to the idea of something that is both strong and delicate.  My designs have a contemporary and almost industrial edge but also use very pretty materials such as crystal, delicate chains and silk.  That’s what I wanted to convey with the name – I really liked the moth and flame analogy which also worked well as a logo.”

tigermoth lighting silver chain maxi pendant

Silver Chain Maxi Pendant

The hand-crafted metal work is the underlying theme to Harriet’s lighting, she tells me – “I love metal – the different forms, beautiful lustres and patinas and the numerous techniques for working it which go back centuries.  I see beautiful metalwork everywhere – railings, window frames, bar counters and antique light fittings.”

tigermoth lighting stem chandelier with birch lattice

Stem Chandelier with Birch Lattice

Harriet has an amazing selection of lighting made from hundreds of individual oxidised chain strands which produce an atmospheric muted glow when the light is on.  These come in a range of styles – pendants, wall light versions, chandeliers and lamps in black, silver and gold colours.

tigermoth lighting chain chandelier

Chain Lighting

The hand-cut crystal designs are to die for.  These again come in various styles in mirrored, clear, smoke, jet black, petrol and amethyst.

tigermoth lighting hand cut crystal

Hand-cut Crystal Lighting

The Stem Collection comprises of a chandelier and matching wall light with a variety of different shades – silk, crystal, chain and intricate metal lattice.

tigermoth lighting stem light lattice

Stem Lighting

Buy Tigermoth Lighting

These lights are all made to order which means that they are flexible about the designs and can adapt to suit your requirements.  Go to Tigermoth Lighting for more details.  Prices start at £57.60 for a simple Pendant Kit and go up to several thousand for a large chandelier.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Tigermoth Lighting Limited.  Thanks: Harriet Daniels.