deirdre dyson seawash carpet

Deirdre Dyson makes beautiful bespoke classic contemporary carpets

Homegirl London pays homage to Deirdre Dyson.  This business is all about creating beautiful bespoke contemporary rugs and carpets.  These are made to the clients’ own specification from a choice of over 2000 colours.  Deirdre draws on her artistic background to achieve free flowing yet balanced designs.  Her style is classic-contemporary which can be abstract or figurative but never traditional.  The carpets are either hand-tufted in the UK or hand-knotted in Nepal.  She uses premium, quality materials of pure wool and silk to achieve a stunning original masterpiece.  I caught up with Deirdre Dyson to find out more.

deirdre dyson forest plants

Forest Plants Rug

Meet Deirdre Dyson

Deirdre Dyson trained in Fine Art for two years at Byam Shaw and Graphics and Illustration for three year at Wimbledon College of Art.  She then worked as a freelancer in graphics and illustration and painted art works for businesses, hotels and restaurants.  This included a part time job illustrating for the design bible Vogue magazine.  During this time Deirdre also painted large works in oils professionally and exhibited in mixed and solo shows at major galleries.

deirdre dyson

Deirdre Dyson

The business idea came about by chance when Deirdre was asked to design a collection of contemporary carpets and got hooked.  She tells me – “The challenges are the same as painting but using a different medium.”  She started off by working as a designer and partner in this business and then continued by herself in 2000.  Deirdre now employs five people, one of which represents her business in Paris to oversee the European market.  She divides her time between a home studio and her showroom located on the Kings Road, London.

deirdre dyson roman pond

Roman Pond Rug

Running a business is quite different from being a painter, Deirdre tells me – “The best thing is being able to design everything and make all the decisions.  I’ve discovered that developing and running a business requires much creativity in order to inspire and grow and is really enjoyable.  Painting is a solitary pursuit and working with my team is a great contrast, supportive and fun.”

deirdre dyson paloma

Paloma Rug

Deirdre is married to the inventor James Dyson who is a source of inspiration – “James is very alternative in his thinking which makes for inventive solutions.  We’re both workaholics and determined people.  His enthusiasm and passion for his work is infectious and inspiring and his success so well deserved as no-one knows better than me how much hard earned his achievements are.”

Deirdre Dyson Collection

Deirdre Dyson carpets and rugs are bespoke, she tells me – “I don’t do repeat patterns, as I treat my designs as I would a painting.  They are freestyle but perfectly balanced.  I’m a colourist so have the ability and skill to work with over 2000 available carpet colours to match to any scheme.  My designs are classic-contemporary.  They can be abstract or figurative and never traditional unless specifically commissioned.”

deirdre dyson coral rug

Coral Rug

Aside from the bespoke service, Deirdre designs a collection each year, she tells me about her 2014 range.  “My inspiration was drawn from a collection of colourful stones, shells and coral I found in the South Sea Islands which I have called Designs from the Seashore.”

deirdre dyson fish scale blue rug

Fish Scales Blue Rug

Deirdre certainly gets a creative kick from her work – “Every theme fascinates me.  It’s an exploration into something you wouldn’t normally think about but the brain somehow leads me on.  Because this year’s theme was ‘Designs from the Seashore,’ I tried to include grading in the technique using silk to give a watercolor effect.  Also the ‘Sand Trails’ design using gold silk is there to remind us of receding seas.

deirdre dyson seawash carpet

Sea Wash Carpet

Her inspiration derives from various sources of stimuli – “Often ideas evolve from previous work and this is why I love working to a theme.  If you’re lucky enough to be a creative person, ideas do come from anywhere and sometimes in the middle of the night.  Sometimes just one colour sets off a train of thought.”

Buy Deirdre Dyson Rugs

If you want to browse the vast portfolio visit the showroom located at 554 Kings Road, London SW6 2DZ.  Good news for my overseas readers – Deirdre is happy to take international orders.  If you can’t make it to the showroom, you can view her collections and commissions online at Deirdre Dyson.

Prices start from £725 per sqm for hand-knotted Nepalese carpets and £625 per sqm for British hand-tufted.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Deirdre Dyson.  Thanks: Deirdre Dyson and Alice Price.