I know it’s still summer but I’m looking ahead to autumnal lounges.  A trend on the horizon is plaid patterns which work rather well for traditional living room ideas.  Think premium upholstered sofas dressed in distinctive plaids set against faux wood panelled wallpaper for grandeur.  Scatter with some exquisite decorative accessories – ornate oval mirror, animal head wall decor, distinguished bookends and mottled table lamp.  Here are my traditional living room ideas for a stately home feel in your very own abode.

traditional living room ideas upholstered sofa plaid

Holkham Large Sofa – Cello Pimpernel with Delanty Silver

Traditional Living Room Ideas Sofa Choice

This feature was inspired by some photographs sent to me on behalf of John Sankey who hand-make luxury British sofas, armchairs and additional furniture.  They are renowned for giving classically inspired furniture a contemporary twist with premium fabrics sourced from an extensive library.  They have been busy clashing patterns and materials to bring you some interesting upholstery inspiration.  Most of us would opt for a neutral and plain covering but they demonstrate how to play with plaid.  Take the Holkham Large Sofa for example; this has been covered in Tartan Cello Pimpernel set against Delanty Silver.  It’s certainly resulted in a centrepiece for your living room.  The frame has been crafted from fully seasoned woods whilst the seat sits nicely upon highly sprung units for ultimate comfort.  The measurements are 95cm high, 177cm wide and 92cm in depth – £3015 from John Sankey stockists.

traditional living room ideas upholstered sofa plaid with leather

Holkham Grand Sofa – Soft Check Amethyst with Hawker Peat Leather

See how the Holkham Grand Sofa looks dressed in different fabrics.  The Soft Check Amethyst is toned down against the Hawker Peat Leather Seat.  This time it’s about fabric clashing with a contrast of woven plaid against textured leather.  The measurements are 95cm high, 207cm wide and 92cm in depth – price on request from John Sankey stockists.

Traditional Living Room Ideas Wallpaper Choice

If you have such a colour clash on your sofa then perhaps it’s best to keep the rest of your décor on the down low but with a dash of grandeur.  Think about adorning your walls with the Louis XV Panelled Wallpaper which features a 3D effect.

traditional living room ideas wood panelled wallpaper

Louis XV Wood Panelled Wallpaper

This comes in anthracite (grey) which is perfect for a dramatic appearance and also in white for calmer walls.  The roll width is 53cm, length 10m and the pattern repeat is 52cm – £45-49 from Graham & Green.

Traditional Living Room Ideas Decorative Accessory Choice

Hang this Antiqued White Oval Mirror with Ribbon above your mantelpiece.  Carved detailing surrounds the curvy outline for interest which has a delightfully distressed finish.  You’ll need a mirror to bounce light around the room if you’re going for a dark wall covering.  The measurements are 56cm high and 37.5cm high – £72 from Graham & Green.

traditional living room ideas white oval mirror

Antiqued White Oval Mirror with Ribbon

Add some wall art in the form of faux animal trophy heads.  I found this lovely specimen, the Polyresin Antlers on Shield.  The measurements are 30cm high and 15cm wide – £18 from Graham & Green.

traditional living room ideas animal head wall decor

Polyresin Antlers on Shield

Treat yourself to some decorative accessories like the Black Labrador Bookends.  These are made from resin and are perfect for adding interest to your bookshelf.  The measurements are 19.5cm high, 15cm wide and 11cm in depth – £39 from Graham & Green.

traditional living room ideas (1)

Black Labrador Bookends

Set the mood with a table lamp.  This Freddie Lamp Base is in mercury silvered glass with black mottled effect.  You’ll also need a shade to finish it off which you could have made to match your sofa upholstery.  The base measurements are 48cm high and 14cm in diameter – £125 from Graham & Green.

traditional living room ideas silver lamp base

Freddie Lamp Base

Traditional living room ideas – where to buy

The upholstered sofas are made by John Sankey.  To find your nearest retailer click on to the store locator tab.  Or you can visit the showroom by appointment – Milner Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, NG10 1LB.  One of their stockists is Liberty, Regent Street, London W1B 5AH.

John Sankey: John Sankey Link

The wallpaper and decorative accessories are available from Graham & Green.  You can buy online or visit one of the London stores.

Graham & Green: Graham & Green Link

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: John Sankey and Graham & Green.  Thanks: Claire Masters. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Graham & Green (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).