Homeboy and I decided to try a restaurant called Trattoria Sapori (have since changed their name to Trattoria N16) located in Newington Green (since writing this article, the restaurant has renamed itself Trattoria N16).  Trattoria is Italian for restaurant and Sapori is Italian for flavour so we were looking forward to our meal.  This place is many things, a pizzeria, bar, café and deli all rolled into one.  I must say that their sourdough authentic Italian pizza is so delicious that I’ve had a dream about it!  If you’re looking for any of the following – sourdough pizza, restaurants N16, Newington Green restaurants, Italian deli London or best brunch North London, do give Trattoria Sapori a try.

trattoria sapori pizza tricolore

Tricolore Sourdough Pizza

If you’re not familiar with Newington Green it’s essentially a round green surrounded by a road which is faced by a bunch of eateries.  It’s a little patch which connects to quite a few popular areas – Canonbury, Dalston and Stoke Newington.  We’ve tried this particular restaurant on three occasions now – dinner with friends on a Friday night, pizza for two on a Thursday night and weekend brunch.  It’s ideal for a romantic meal in the evenings and also welcomes parents with kids who often frequent at the weekend for brunch.  Monday night is movie night which is £10 for the film, a pizza and glass of wine.  You can also have the food delivered, they cater for outside events and the venue is available for hire.

Trattoria Sapori / Trattoria N16 Menu

I’ll kick off with the breakfast and brunch menus.  You can opt for something small like baked croissants, meat or veggie filled puffed pastries, granola with yogurt and berries or house baked sourdough with preserves.  During the week they have quite a few different baked eggs (all free range) with combinations of tomatoes, chilli, spinach or salmon.  Or you could opt for one of the frittatas with pancetta and sausage or a veggie version.  Weekend brunch is more extensive with firm favourites like eggs benedict, florentine or royal.  I’d recommend you try their Italian style fry up – the meat version includes eggs, cannellini beans, Italian sausage, pancetta, tomato, mushrooms and toasted sourdough.  We tried the vegetarian alternative which was excellent and priced £11.50.  Breakfast prices range from £5.50-6.75 for baked eggs and the frittatas are around £6.50-7.50.  The coffee is Illy which is an Italian brand and really good.

trattoria sapori italian vegetarian breakfast

Vegetarian Brunch

The pizzas are made from their own sourdough (gluten free is also available).  They use a method of double fermentation practiced and developed in Italy since 1889 which is left to rest for a minimum of 24 hours.  To this they add their toppings which are all locally sourced and come from the in-store deli counter.  Your pizza is then blasted in a stone oven so you get a light, crispy finish.  You’re welcome to select your own toppings or choose from their eleven variations which include firm favourites like Margherita or you could try the Fichi which is pear, rocket, Parma ham and burrata.  We enjoyed Tricolore (cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil) and Cruda (buffalo mozzarella, tomato, black olives, capers, basil and oregano).  I have to say that it was probably one of the best pizzas I’ve tasted in London – full of flavour and that base was amazing.  Pizzas are priced £8.50-13.50.

trattoria sapori pizza cruda

Cruda Sourdough Pizza

If you want a smaller version of the pizza, you could try bruschetta as a starter because they use the same sourdough base.  We tried the Amalfi which was buffalo mozzarella, rocket and Parma ham and the Positano which was porcini, rocket and sun dried tomatoes, both priced at £6.50.  If you’re not in the mood for pizza, you will have plenty of pasta choices.  The pasta is cooked to order with the option of gluten free.  Meat pasta includes lasagne with a Bolognese sauce, penne with fennel sausage, asparagus, broccoli and pecorino.  Our friend tried the Tagliatelle with beef ragu and artichoke and said it was delicious. They have traditional veggie options like Parmigiana which is aubergine, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil.  Homeboy tried the orecchiette with porcini, cauliflower, saffron, sun dried tomatoes, pecorino and fresh chilli which he enjoyed.  A meat and veggie risotto is also available.

trattoria sapori pasta

Orecchiette Pasta

They also have some nice salads on offer; we tried the Lolo Rosso which included lolo rosso, fig, escarole, carrot, pecorino, honey and pomegranate.  It was fresh and so lovely.  Other salads included octopus or Parma.  I’d recommend trying the Zucchini fried courgette sticks which were a great side dish.

trattoria sapori courgette fries

Zucchini Fried Courgette Sticks

If you have room for a dessert they have around eight options to choose from.  The lemon and ricotta cake is gluten free or you could try the lemon cheesecake which comes with blueberry compote.  Chocolate lovers can rejoice with the mousse cake, chocolate fondant, chocolate chunk pecan pie or white chocolate cheesecake.  We tried the Italian classic tiramisu which was light and fluffy.  Alternatively you can have an Italian ice cream instead.  The desserts are made in-house using organic milk and free range eggs.  These are priced at £4.95 each.

trattoria sapori italian tiramisu


Wash down your meal with an Italian wine from regions such as Puglia or a classic cocktail.  If you want the total Italian experience then do start your meal with an Aperitivo like Campari Soda!

Trattoria Sapori / Trattoria N16 Interior

This is a great place to head for when the sun is out because they have a large seating area by the side of the building.  As you step inside you’ll find the deli counter where you can pick up something tasty for your supper.  To the right is a seating area with tables for between two and four people.  This is the front part of the building which benefits from floor to glass windows so you have a great view of the street outside.

trattoria sapori interiors front part of space

Front Interior

To the back of the venue you’ll find more tables and chairs plus the open kitchen.  Behind that is another place for gatherings.

trattoria sapori interiors back part of space

Back Interior

The décor is simple with walls painted black or white and wooden tables.  It has a contemporary rustic feel which is relaxing.  During the day it’s a nice, bright space to hang out in and at night the lights are dimmed and with candles it becomes quite romantic.

Trattoria Sapori / Trattoria N16 Information

trattoria sapori restaurant exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Authentic Italian
Website: Trattoria N16 Website
Address: Alliance House, 44-45 Newington Green, London N16 9HQ
Near: Canonbury, Stoke Newington, Dalston
Open: Monday to Thursday 9am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 9.30am-10.30pm and Sunday 10am-10pm
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Contemporary rustic
Seating: Seats outside and 68 covers inside
Toilets: Yes
Reservations: Advisable in the evenings, you can book online or call
Service Charge: No

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Homegirl London.  Thanks: Tony for assistance and the offer of a free pizza.  Disclosure: Our pizzas were paid for by the restaurant, thanks very much!