Look out for ampersands adorning home accessories and fashion accessoriesdesk lamps, cushions, trays, wall art, tote bags and costume jewellery.  This is a typographic design trend which I first noticed when I interviewed Paul from Goodwin + Goodwin back in August 2012.  He told me about a typographic ampersand lamp he was designing.  Since then I’ve been keeping an eye out for this symbol and I’ve noticed ampersands everywhere.  According to Wikipedia an ampersand or epershand “&” is actually a logogram representing the conjunction word “and.”  This symbol is a ligature of the letters et, which is Latin for “and.”  Of course ampersands make a great gift for typography lovers and also newlyweds – Mr & Mrs are joined together with the symbol.  I went back to Paul Goodwin to find out more about his fondness for ampersands and he told me – “I love ampersands, each font has a unique character, much more than any letter in the alphabet.  Most are really curvaceous and each one has its own quirky personality so much so that they can work even on their own.  I don’t know of any other character that has as much personality as the ampersand, you get such variations across a range of fonts.  In graphic design they are great and can add flair to a design or logo and can work modern or traditional look.  Plus they make great decorators pieces and look great when used around the home.”

Ampersand lamp, Goodwin Goodwin

Ampersand Lamp
Goodwin + Goodwin Link,
Signs For Home Link

The aptly named Ampersand Design Studio is a blog, store, surface pattern and graphic design firm and is owned by long-time colleagues and friends Carrie Kiefer and Morgan Georgie.  They make a wonderful range of ampersand screen prints in cool colours.  They called their company ampersand for a few reasons – “besides our love of typography and true appreciation for the character itself, the ampersand, meaning “and” was a perfect symbol for two friends joining their talents to start a company as one!”  They adore ampersands because – “It’s typically the character in a font that a typographer gets to have a little more fun designing.  It can have an extra flair that other letters might not be able to get away with.  Plus, the ampersand can be a symbol for any combination of things from peanut butter & jelly all the way to the union of two people!  Check them out on Etsy UK Link.  If you love ampersands then take a look on Etsy, they have a wide range of products adorned with this symbol – see below for a selection of home and fashion accessories.

Ampersand Melamine Platter, Shopampersand on  Etsy

Ampersand Melamine Platter
Etsy UK Link

Ampersand Pillow, Honeypie Design on Etsy

Ampersand Pillow
Etsy UK Link

Ampersand Screen Print, Shopampersand on Etsy

Limited Edition Ampersand Screen Print in Neon Pink
Etsy UK Link

Tshirt, Natri on Etsy

& So On T-shirt
Etsy UK Link

Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote -Ampersand Orange, Towne9

Ampersand Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote Bag in Orange
Etsy UK Link

Ampersand Necklace, Gwen Delicious Jewelry Design on Etsy

Ampersand Silver Charm Necklace
Etsy UK Link

Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of Ampersand Design Studio, Honeypie Design, Natri, Towne9 and Gwen Delicious.  Special thanks to Paul and Viviane Goodwin and also Carrie Kiefer and Morgan Georgie from Ampersand Design Studio.