I wanted to discover what cool ceramics will be gracing our homes for design trends in 2013.  So I caught up with Ali Miller, Rowena Gilbert and Donna Wilson to find out what’s been influencing them and what we can expect to see.  Although these designers are very different in terms of style, it’s apparent that the British countryside will be prevalent in the decoration of their ceramics – from beautiful botanicals to mellow meadows and wonderful woodlands.  Beautiful blues and gorgeous greens will feature in the colour palettes to give that springtime feel.  First up is Ali Miller, the quirky British homeware designer specialising in exquisitely decorated tea pots, coffee pots, cups and saucers, cake plates alongside additional home accessories.  She’s famous for drawing on her own personal life and childhood for her eccentric designs.  Ali is using imagery from the botanical British countryside to adorn her wares in 2013.  Check her out at Ali Miller Link.

Ali Miller SS13 Mood Board

Contemporary ceramic artist Rowena Gilbert makes bowls and vases in bold, simple shapes with distinct linear and swirl layered patterns.  During 2013 Rowena will be decorating her pieces with stylised meadow, fern and dandelion patterns.  Her inspiration is drawn from nature – that ‘spring-time’ feel that excites us all.  She’ll be experimenting with different stains and oxides in clay slip to produce a range of blues and greens from olives and taupe to peacock greens and teals.  You can view her work at Rowena Gilbert Link.


Rowen Gilbert SS13 Mood Board

Donna Wilson makes a charming collection of ceramics, cushions and linen goods featuring foxes, robins and badgers.  Although Donna has lived in London for 12 years she still takes most of her inspiration from childhood memories of growing up on a farm in Aberdeenshire.  Her new collections will feature acorns inspired by the British woodlands.  She’ll also be introducing some vegetables like a broccoli with a flat-top and whistling parsnip.  Blues and greens will feature strongly in her ceramic colours.  You can buy her products from Donna Wilson Link.


Donna Wilson SS13 Mood Board

Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of Ali Miller, Rowena Gilbert and Donna Wilson, special thanks to all the designers participating in this feature.