While searching online for products to feature in my blog I’ve notice that Cork has become very popular as a material for a wide range of products; furniture, lighting and fashion accessories.  So as one of the latest trends I wanted to find out more about Cork.  According to Wikipedia it’s a pretty incredible material; impermeable, buoyant, fire resistant and environmentally friendly because it’s sustainable and easy to recycle.  It’s a prime-subset of bark tissue harvested for commercial use primarily from the Cork Oak.  Okay lesson over; now let’s see what Cork products are on the market.

In terms of furniture, seating seems to be a popular item to make from Cork.  Vitra has a collection of Cork Family Stools which are made from untreated lightweight turned solid cork – £300 from Houseology.  Another cool stool is the Scandinavian inspired Drifted Black Stool made from solid ash wood with a soft, comfortable and water resistant cork seat – £160 from The Conran Shop.  Authentics has a range of lamps called Labware which feature mouth blown glass complemented by hand turned oak cork bar stoppers – £299 from Authentics at Not on the High Street.  Article continues …

Cork Family Stools, Occa-Home

Cork Family Stools
Houseology Link

Drifted Black Stool, Conran

Drifted Black Stool
The Conran Shop Link

Labware Lighting Collection

Labware Lighting Collection
Authentics at Not on the High Street Link

This material becomes very interesting when it’s used for lifestyle products like the stylish and sustainable iPad Cork Fabric Travel Case.  It’s made from Cork fabric which is an innovative material made from a thin layer of cork applied to an unbleached cotton backing – £28 from Green Tulip at Not on the High Street.  The Natural Cork Cosmetic Bag is made from cork and also leather to produce a beautiful, durable and waterproof holder – £25 from Jules Accessories at Not on the High Street.  So you see, cork isn’t just for wine bottles, it’s so versatile it can be used for a whole host of products.

 iPad Cork Fabric Travel Case

iPad Cork Fabric Travel Case
Green Tulip at Not on the High Street Link

The Natural Cork Cosmetic Bag

The Natural Cork Cosmetic Bag
Jules Accessories at Not on the High Street Link

Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy Houseology, The Conran Shop, Authentics, Green Tulip and Jules Accessories.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Houseology, The Conran Shop and Not on the High Street (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).