Turn up the heat this year with tropical Christmas tree decorations. This interior trend is so hot right now that you’ll be the toast of the town! You can treat your tree to fabulous bright pink flamingos, beautiful humming birds, pretty parrots, shiny pineapples and cute cacti. If you want to brighten up your home this year buy tropical Christmas tree decorations and dare to be different. Put the kitsch into Christmas!

toucan tropical christmas tree decorations

Tropical Christmas from John Lewis

Bird Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

Fabulous Flamingos: Sassy pink glass flamingo from Oliver Bonas £8 (product code: 1065022) / Quirky gold and pink flamingo with top hat from Graham and Green £16.95 (product code: CLC9619) / Set of two pink felt flamingos with sequins from Amara £30 (product code: CM-664) / Party lights with ten pink flamingos from Dotcomgiftshop £14.95 (product code: 24024).

flamingo tropical christmas tree decorations

Flamingo Christmas Tree Decorations

Tropical Birds: Handmade glass Shangri-La hummingbird bauble in a gorgeous green colour from John Lewis £12 (product code: 76645327) / Shangri-La parrot bauble with gold tones and ribbon tie from John Lewis £4 (product code: 76644805) / Shangri-La pretty green bird on a swing from John Lewis £8 (product code: 76685080) / Shangri-La toucan bauble made from glass from John Lewis £12 (product code: 76685080).

bird tropical christmas tree decorations

Tropical Bird Christmas Tree Decorations

Pineapple Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

Pretty Pineapples: Blue foil wrapped chocolate disguised as a pineapple from Oliver Bonas £7.50 (product code: 1065091) / Golden wrapped chocolate with sparkly glitter crown from Oliver Bonas £7.50 (product code: 1065077) / Pretty pink pineapple chocolate Christmas tree decoration from Oliver Bonas £7.50 (product code: 1065077).

pineapple tropical christmas tree decorations

Pineapple Christmas Tree Decorations

Cacti Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

Cool Cacti: Cactus glass bauble made exclusively for The Conran Shop £20 (product code: 1038705) / Set of three glass made cacti in two different designs from Paperchase £10 (product code: 00558553) / Bright green sequin covered cacti shaped decoration from Paperchase £6 (product code: 00558161) / Shiny polished green cacti decoration from Oliver Bonas £8 (product code: 1065015).

cacti cactus tropical christmas tree decorations

Cactus Christmas Tree Decorations

Buy Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

You can buy these tropical decorations from the following online retailers.

Oliver Bonas: Oliver Bonas Link
Graham and Green: Graham and Green Link
Amara: Amara Link
Dotcomgiftshop: Dotcomgiftshop Link
John Lewis: John Lewis Link
The Conran Shop: The Conran Shop Link
Paperchase: Paperchase Link

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