tropical cushions bring hawaiian decor home with hot trend

Tropical cushions bring Hawaiian decor home with hot trend

Tropical Cushions and other home accessories are trending tropical right now with the lush Hawaiian decor theme.  Remember Miami Vice and Hawaii Five-0 TV shows?  Well, it’s time to invite them back into your home this summer.  The tropical interior design is easily achieved with a palm leaf cushion or palm tree cushion.  Instead of the automatic garishly bright colours associated with tropical designs (think Hawaiian shirts), many use dark and more dramatic shades.  See my selection of palm leaf and palm tree tropical cushions all available from sellers at Etsy UK.

tropical cushions inspiration house of hackney

House of Hackney Palmeral Edwardian Deck Chair Liberty London (Picture Affiliate Link)

Before I go onto talk about cushions, I wanted to show you this picture I took at the House of Hackney store situated in Liberty London.  This is when I first noticed palm leaves plastered over the Palmeral Edwardian Deck Chair, cushions and lampshades.  This pattern features an explosion of palms available in dark green or azure.

Tropical Cushions With Palm Leaf Designs

Andrija Chapman makes some striking cushions adorned with palm leaves for her shop – Homeworks Design Store.  She has a collection of reproduction Hawaiian barkcloth cushions with an ivory background and dark green monstera leaves or palm trees in various sizes – £25.10-42.15.  This lumber version measures 35cm x 35cm – £33.78.

tropical cushions palm leaf homeworks design store

Retro Palm Leaf by Homeworks Design Store from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Island Home Emporium is owned by Kim who is located in Sydney Australia.  She loves working with beautiful fabrics and is inspired by coastal living, especially homes of the Hamptons and Caribbean.  So naturally, she has some cushions plastered with tropical palms in green, teal, cherry red, tan and beige on a cream background.  She also makes outdoor cushions with palm leaves in green and teal.  This scatter cushion comes in a number of square sizes 45cm, 50cm and 55cm – £25.33-30.96.

tropical cushions palm leaf design island home emporium

Tropical Pillows Palm Leaf by Island Home Emporium from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Tropical Cushions With Palm Tree Designs

Samantha Emma makes a stunning collection of palm tree and beach-inspired cushions.  Some of her designs show palm tree silhouettes against a colourful sunset while others are bolder.  This one features palm trees with a dark blue background printed onto a heavy linen-cotton blended fabric.  The measurements are 45.7cm x 45.7cm – £8.98.

tropical cushions palm tree blue samantha emma

Palm Tree Beach Pillow by Samantha Emma from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Marcia Dee Prints is owned by a Haitian America living in South Florida.  She makes jewellery, clothing and some palm tree cushions which she sells online.  This is the Purple Palms piece showing an abstract twist on the typical Floridian landscape.  It comes in a few size options and two fabric choices – £20.97 starting price.

tropical cushions purple palm tree marcia dee prints

Purple Palms Cushion by Marcia Dee Prints from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Tropical Cushions

If you want to vacation at home this summer, here are the links for Liberty London, who stocks the House of Hackney Palmeral products. You can also buy from the following sellers at Etsy UK.

Liberty London Affiliate Link: Liberty London
Homeworks Design Store, Island Home Emporium, Samantha Emma and Marcia Dee Prints at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Homegirl London, Homeworks Design Store, Island Home Emporium, Samantha Emma and Marcia Dee Prints.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Etsy UK and Liberty London (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).