truly experiences create lifelong memories

Truly Experiences create lasting memories

Shop spotlight on Truly Experiences (usually written like this TRULY experiences).  This is the place to buy gift experiences online.  But these aren’t just any gift experiences; these are extraordinary experiences to create lasting memories.  They are five stars, first-class and in a different league. If you’ve drawn up a bucket list, you might want to revise it when you’ve explored these imaginative alternatives.  The premium gift ideas range from travelling into the stratosphere in a ‘Bloon’ vehicle to living the life of a spy and even creating a bespoke perfume.  With unprecedented access to industry experts and behind the scenes tours, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.  They also cater for those wanting five-star holidays, spa weekend getaways, sporting holidays or fine dining at Michelin star restaurants.  With their personal concierge service, everything is taken care of so all you have to do is treat a loved one and enjoy their anecdotes.  I caught up with the owner to find out more about Truly Experiences.

truly experineces yoga retreat ananda spa in himalyayas india

Yoga Retreat at Ananda Spa in Himalayas India

Meet the Truly Experiences Owner

Truly Experiences is owned by Jack Huang who graduated in America before starting a career in management consulting.  He tells me, “after a few years of hard, though rewarding work, I realised I wanted to build my own business rather than advise.  I moved to London to study an MBA at London Business School.  The first company I co-founded was DealBunch Ltd which was then acquired by Keynoir.  This was a daily deals company for restaurant offers which was eventually acquired by Time Out.”

truly expeiences jack huang

Jack Huang

Being an entrepreneur, it wasn’t long before Jack was looking for his next venture (which turned into a big adventure!).  He explains how his new business idea came about, “I’d been trying to find an awesome wedding present for two of my closest friends.  I wanted to get them something they would enjoy together and remember for years to come, rather than the usual wedding gifts that gather dust.  It was only then I realised how difficult it was to find a unique, memorable experience gift that wasn’t cheesy or cheap.  I asked around at several Michelin-starred restaurants to see if I could pre-pay, but was stonewalled.  It was then that I decided that if I had this problem, there must be others out there with the same predicament.  In the end, I had to resort to buying them a gift voucher from Selfridge but needless to say on their first anniversary I gave them a present from Truly Experiences!”

truly experiences decorate cupcakes at cake boy

Decorate Cupcakes with Cake Boy

Becoming an online business was a no brainer for Jack, he tells me, “my background is in e-commerce, so it was the most logical place to start.  Online retail allows us to efficiently reach our target audience, not just in London, but worldwide.  We have dedicated websites in Toronto and New York as well.”  As for the business name, that was easy, and Jack reveals – “Truly Experiences was a play on ‘yours truly’ which is the most personal sign-off one can use.  We’re about authenticity and the personal touch.  After all, the act of sharing should be thoughtful.  That’s why we have a personal concierge service which looks after our customers every step of the way.”

truly experiences bespoke perfume with floris

Make Your Own Bespoke Perfume With Floris

Truly Experiences was launched in February 2012, and since then Jack hasn’t stopped. He’s enjoying every moment and says, “it allows me to realise my passion for experiences and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.”  The company is growing, and there are now around twenty people in London with others dotted around the world.  His role is continually changing as the business evolves, he tells me, “it’s still morphing, to be honest. In the early days, I did everything from customer support to website troubleshooting, sales calls, and washing the dishes. I guess I still do some of those things, but these days, many talented people can do them much better than I can (except washing dishes).”

Truly Experiences Gifts

Jack tells me why his business concentrates on experiences, “I believe that experiences create more happiness than material possessions.  In an age of rising product clutter, people crave memories.  Besides, most people now have an extensive bucket list which needs ticking off!  So we scour the world for the most extraordinary experiences imaginable, package these up and bring them to our customers.  There’s something for everyone – from exclusive meet and greets with Michelin-starred chefs to behind-the-scenes tours at Sotheby’s.  We even have immersive MI6 experiences with ex-agents.  Everything is geared around creating memories which will last a lifetime.”

truly experiences spa rosewood

Relax at the Rosewood Hotel London Spa

What’s excellent about Truly Experiences is the Concierge Service. Jack explains how this works, “one of the most important parts of running a successful company is making sure your customers feel a million bucks after every interaction.  Our concierge service takes care of every aspect from the idea stage – we can create bespoke experiences, through to purchasing and booking.  We do absolutely everything for you.”

truly experiences club gascon french food

Enjoy a French Michelin Start Tasting Menu at Club Gascon

I asked Jack which romantic experiences he’d recommend for anniversaries or newlyweds … Stay at a Beautiful South African Treetop Penthouse: “If you want to push the boat out for a big anniversary, this wonderful trip is very tempting indeed!  This experience is all about your stay at the stunning Kruger National Park.  The trip is for two people over six nights.  For four of those nights, you are in the Sabi Sands River Lodge and one night in a luxury treehouse where you get to enjoy a candlelit dinner.  You fly to Cape Town and stay for two nights at the Cape Cadogan Boutique hotel. The price is £4000, which includes safari, bush walks, accommodation and your flights for two people.”

truly experiences tree top stay in south africa

Stay at a Beautiful South African Treetop Penthouse

Enjoy a Romantic Weekend in Bruges: “This location has been accessible ever since the film ‘In Bruges’ was aired.  You get to enjoy a romantic trip in this fairy tale Belgian city with its cobbled streets, winding canals and Gothic architecture.  You stay for two nights in a luxury boutique hotel which is located in the centre of the city close to all the tourist attractions.  On Saturday night, you are collected for a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride.  You also get to enjoy a five-star dining experience at the city’s best Michelin Star restaurant.  The price is £650 without travel.”

truly experiences romantic break in bruges

Enjoy a Romantic Weekend in Bruges

Savour a Five Course Desserts Tasting at William Curley: “William Curley was named Britain’s Best Chocolatier five times in a row by the Academy of Chocolate.  This experience involves a visit to his Belgravia boutique where you get to sample the most mouth-watering desserts imaginable.  These are created right in front of you as you sip champagne.  The menu will include a chocolate raspberry macaroon with raspberry sauce and petit fours.  The price is £80, and it takes place on Saturdays from 12 pm-6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm-5 pm at William Curley, Belgravia in London.”

truly experiences william curley dessert menu tasting

Savour a Five Course Desserts Tasting at William Curley

I always find men particularly challenging to buy gifts for so I was inquisitive which experiences Jack would select for himself.  He recommended these three:

  1. Life Like a Spy: Two months of spy-related activities like real-time surveillance are woven into your everyday life with a stay at a European spy capital – £7500
  2. Brew Your Own Bespoke Beer: Produce your craft beer with Partizan Brewing and receive 1600 bottles delivered to your home – £3600
  3. Taste Rare and Old Whiskey: Sample rare scotch and whiskey with an expert sommelier at the London Capital Bar – £185 for two people

truly experiences whisky tasting

Taste Rare Scotch and Whiskey With an Expert

Being Homegirl London, you know I love this city, so here are five London experiences I’ve selected:

  1. Create Your Perfume: Floris of London will work with you to create a bespoke fragrance at their famous Ebury Street which includes five repeat bottles – £4500
  2. Decorate Cupcakes: With Eric Lanlard at Cake Boy for ten people, so you can invite all your friends to bake and enjoy your cute cupcakes with champagne – £990 for ten people
  3. Become a Coffee Connoisseur: Join Ozone coffee for behind the scenes demonstration of coffee roasting and a tasting session – £250 for six people
  4. Relax in a City Spa: Enjoy a facial, massage and manicure at the Rosewood London Sense Spa followed by a light lunch and Laurent-Perrier champagne – £185
  5. Enjoy Martinis and Canapes: Dress up and sip your martini in the grand and opulent Flemings boutique hotel in Mayfair – £64 for two people

truly experiences cocktails at flemings

Enjoy Martinis and Canapes at Flemings Hotel

Buy Truly Experiences Gifts

To find out more about these outstanding experiences, go to the website at Truly Experiences.  It’s well worth having a browse so that the next time you’re in a quandary about buying a gift, you’ll have something unusual in mind!  The website shows gift ideas for recipients, occasions and interests, so it’s easy to locate something suitable.  If you get stuck for the inspiration, they offer a gift finder service. There is also a wedding gift registry which is perfect for couples already living together and don’t need another toaster!  If you have a birthday coming up, you could drop a big hint for one of their gift cards.  Go online, explore and start dreaming!

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Truly Experiences.  Thanks: Jack Huang and Chris Old.