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Try Being Vegan During January For Veganuary

Veganuary is when people try being vegan during January, hence the name! If you feel like you’ve overeaten during Christmas and one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to eat healthy food, you might want to try it. Veganuary has been going on since 2014 and aims to make veganism more accessible and inspirational. If this is something you might like to try head over to the Veganuary website for more information.

Some Vegan Food and Drink Ideas for Veganuary

Before Christmas, I tried a selection of Vegan Recipes from Mindful Chef the recipe box delivery service. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend this service if you are busy, you want to eat healthy meals or expand your recipe repertoire. After cooking three vegan meals, I gained a few ideas that I will use again; one was making garlic cannellini bean mash. Read my New Year Healthy Eating With Mindful Chef to find out more.

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Try Vegan Recipe Kits from Mindful Chef (Affiliate Link and Picture Link)

In 2020 I signed up for a weekly Organic Salad and Veg Box from Abel and Cole. It is so lovely having quality veggies delivered to your front door. Sometimes the box will contain a vegetable that I wouldn’t usually buy, which encourages me to try new recipes. Cutting down on my visits to the supermarket is a good thing right now, so I am not exposed to the Coronavirus. Read my Amazing Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery experience for more information.

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Try Organic Veg and Salad Boxes From Abel & Cole (Affiliate Link and Picture Link)

I’ve picked out my favourite Vegan books, food and a few drinks available online, which you might want to try during January and beyond.

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My Vegan Travels: Comfort Food Inspired by Adventure by Jackie Kearney, £16.99 from Real Food Hub (Affiliate Link)

Vegan Street Food: Foodie Travels from India to Asia by Jackie Kearney, £16.99 from Real Food Hub (Affiliate Link)

Just Wholefoods Vegan Burger Mix (product code: 30475), £1.18 sale price from Planet Organic (Affiliate Link)

The Cultured Collective Vegan Classic Kimchi (product code: 31853), £4.55 sale price from Planet Organic (Affiliate Link)

Tideford Vegan Basil Pesto (product code: 24723), £3.59 from Planet Organic (Affiliate Link)

Clearspring Organic Reduced Salt Miso (product code: 16275), £4.99 from (Affiliate Link)

Clearspring Organic Tamari Roasted Cashew Nuts (product code: 10221), £1.99 from (Affiliate Link)

Other Foods Crunchy Trumpet Mushroom Chips (product code: 14845), £3.25 from (Affiliate Link)

Pukka Turmeric Gold Latte, £4.95 from Evolution Organics (Affiliate Link)

Sweet Revolution Organic Instant Matcha Latte with Vanilla, £7.95 from Evolution Organics (Affiliate Link)

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