We were invited for a meal at the Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair which is located at the Westbury Hotel. Homeboy absolutely loves sushi so I accepted the offer. I must admit that I’m not a massive fan of sushi myself because I don’t eat fish. However, I was converted when I tasted the vegetarian delights at this first class sushi bar. If you’re searching for Sushi restaurants London, best restaurants W1 or places to eat in Mayfair, book yourself a table at the Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair. Check below for a 10% offer which finishes 31 August 2016 for Homegirl London readers.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, tataki chu toro

“Superb and super fresh sushi, beautifully presented and thoroughly enjoyed at this intimate Mayfair restaurant,” Homegirl London

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair Menu

The head chef here is Show Choong who you’ll see quietly making up his superb sushi and sashimi dishes at the counter. If you’re dining alone or you’re not there for a business lunch, ask to sit up at the counter so you can watch the master at work. He uses such super fresh ingredients which will transport you to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo Japan.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, new style sushi

Chef’s Choice of New Style Sushi

If you’re there for dinner, I’d recommend trying the Tasting Menu which is amazing. Homeboy savoured every mouthful and his comments included – fresh, succulent, perfect sauce pairings, it looks so good I want to take it home with me. In fact, the food got more positive comments from him than I do in a year! Back to the Tasting Menu … at first glance the price of £59.50 per person might seem a little pricey but by the time you’ve finished you’ll want to pay double.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, grilled oyster

Perfectly Grilled Oyster

The dishes are all exquisite, from the quality ingredients to the impeccable presentation. I even loved all the plates they served the food on, each one different which enhanced the overall appearance. This is first class sushi so you’re in for a real treat. The Tasting Menu includes …

  1. A small bowl of Buna Shimeji which are mini brown beech mushrooms served with a green sauce made from spring onion, garlic and herbs
  2. Two pieces of Hamachi New Style Sashimi with a small amount of kicking spicy sauce
  3. Two small slithers of Tataki Chu Toro, which is the belly area of tuna, served with tangy jalapeno salsa
  4. Three thin slices of raw Octopus Carpaccio with truffled mustard miso dressing served on a bed of daikon curls (mild radish)
  5. One warm Grilled Oyster which is so fresh you can taste the ocean, this is served with a delicate creamy sauce
  6. Two small pieces of Seared Salmon Maki accompanied with cream cheese and plum sauce
  7. Three types of New Style Sushi selected by the chef, one of which was topped with caviar
  8. One small piece of pan fried Black Cod served with Saikyo miso sauce which is a sweet miso from Kyoto in Japan
  9. One scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream served with raspberry tuile (small baked wafer) and peanut croquant (crunchy biscuit pieces)

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, black cod

Beautiful Black Cod

If you don’t want to go down the tasting menu route, you can try as set dinner. For mains you can choose pan fried English Shorthorn Beef Fillet in a teriyaki sauce or Sushi and Sashimi Moriawase. Alternatively, you can opt for the assorted sushi sets or pick your own Sashimi, Nigari Sushi, Maki, Modern Sushi Nigiri or Modern.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, seared salmon maki

Seared Salmon Maki

Vegetarian wise, I was extremely happy and now a sushi convert. However, I am only eating veggie sushi at top notch restaurants like this one! The Spicy Edamame with shichimin (Japanese spice with seven ingredients), butter and lemon juice were excellent. I tried the Buna Shimeji which is those lovely little brown mushrooms with a smidgen of green sauce.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, salad

Light and Refreshing Yasai Salad

I also enjoyed a plate of pan fried tender stem broccoli with teriyaki sauce. The Yasai Salad of rocket, baby spinach, daikon curls (mild radish) and red chard tasted refreshing thanks to the light and zingy dressing which I was told is often commented upon. For Nigiri Sushi I tasted the asparagus with spicy ume (Japanese fruit with sour taste) and courgette with green sauce and avocado Maki. Everything was fabulous from the ingredients to the presentation and portion size.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, vegetarian sushi

Vegetarian Nigiri Sushi

In terms of drinks you should try the sake from the list of five which are well described on the menu so you get a sense of what these will taste of. By the way, the sake is served in the cutest little pouring jug with mini cups. Or perhaps try the Hibiki Suntory 17-year-old whisky. Champagne, white wine and red wine is also listed. The fine tea selection includes the 1970s Raw Puerh Supreme at £39 per pot.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, sake

Sample the Sake

We arrived early and enjoyed a couple of cocktails in the Polo Bar. This is a sophisticated and grown up space where you can order from a long list of drinks served by knowledgeable staff.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london, polo bar cocktails

Enjoy Cocktails in the Polo Bar

I am delighted to let you know that the restaurant is giving you 10% off when dining at Tsukiji. Just quote HOMEGIRLLONDON1 for a 10% discount on your bill, offer closes midnight 31st August 2016.

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair Interiors

You can enter the restaurant from the Westbury Hotel lobby or via the street door. This is a small restaurant so make sure you book yourself a table. They have space for twenty people only which makes this Sushi Bar intimate. The street facing side of the space has full length windows. They have little bamboo curtains which you can pull across for privacy in the evening. The tables are small but large enough for your food, because the plates arrive one at a time.

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london interior

Restaurant Interiors

The red wood interior is simple and minimal which reminded me of the restaurants in Japan. There is a counter where you will see the chefs preparing your sushi. This is faced with six seats so you can watch the dishes being prepared right in front of your very eyes. Check out the glass flooring with white stones below, it’s a nice touch but a bit disconcerting when you walk over it especially if you’ve had too much saki. The staff are professional yet friendly and dressed in pretty kimonos. Damir Lipa, the restaurant manager was helpful and made sure we had a great night, thanks Damir. This is a wonderful place to explore if you are serious about sushi, I’m definitely taking my father-in-law there next time he’s in town!

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair Information

tsukiji sushi restaurant mayfair london exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Top notch Sushi
Price: Tasting menu £59.50, assorted sushi plates £22.50-35.50 and various sushi options from £2.50 to £55
Website: Tsukiji
Address: The Westbury, 37 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YF
Near: Closest tube stations are Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Green Park
Open: Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 10.30pm
Wi-Fi: Yes, but don’t be annoying and it’s not a place to whip out your laptop either!
Décor: Minimal Japanese
Seating: Room for 20
Toilets: Ladies are a little walk away, past the Polo Bar to the end of the hall and down the stairs, the men’s toilets are closer by in the hotel lobby
Reservations: Advisable, it gets packed
Service Charge: Yes 12.5%

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London and the restaurant (cover image). Thanks: Katie Dyer and Charlotte Pink for organizing the meal and photography. Thanks to Damir Lipa for taking care of us on the night. Thanks to Homeboy for accompanying me. Disclosure: Our meal was paid for by the restaurant and very much appreciated!







Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mayfair London W1
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  • Take Reservations: Yes!
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