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Tuyo Restaurant Broadway Market East London

Homegirl London’s Food Review: Tuyo Restaurant. Our friends booked this contemporary Mediterranean Kitchen for dinner. It was a sultry evening, so we sat outside and sampled a range of delicious small plates. Tuyo is located on Pritchard’s Road, which is at the end of Broadway Market. Tuyo Restaurant is a great place to try if you’re looking for the best restaurants in East London, places to eat near Broadway Market or modern Mediterranean cuisine in Hackney.

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“Share a stunning selection of contemporary Mediterranean small plates at this friendly eatery located right by Broadway Market in East London,” Homegirl London

Tuyo Restaurant Evening Dinner Menu

This restaurant is a venture by Ricardo Pimentel (former Salt Yard chef) and the people behind restaurants like La Farola, Gallipoli and El Ganso. The offering is centred around contemporary Mediterranean dishes with influences from Spain, Turkey and Greece. It’s best to go with a group of friends so you can share a collection of stunning small plates.

tuyo restaurant broadway market bread and dips

Bread and Dips

Start with the breadboard featuring mixed olives, sultana fennel and pumpernickel varieties. Add a couple of homemade dips like hummus and yoghurt, house butter or olive oil. Other nibbles include Picos blue and date croquetas along with prawn and Padron peppers. Or perhaps you might want to share a board of charcuterie or cheeses.

tuyo restaurant broadway market prawn and padron peppers

Prawn and Padron Peppers

We tried several veggie dishes which were all fantastic. The falafel was fabulous; Homeboy said they were the best he’d ever tasted. They were indeed a cut above your usual mezze restaurant staple. They arrived in a bowl of ajo blanco which is a Spanish cold soup made from bread, crushed almonds, garlic, water and olive oil. The falafel is topped with piquillo tapenade; the piquillo chilli has a sweet taste to it. A scattering of habas fritas area added which are crunchy deep-fried broad beans.

tuyo restaurant broadway market falafel


The char-grilled artichokes were tasty. These were accompanied with soya beans, black quinoa, feta cheese and parmesan. I love halloumi; it’s salty and squeaky! This dish is presented with roast beetroot, orange, hazelnuts and eight years aged balsamic. I can’t resist burrata either especially when it’s with heritage tomatoes, black olives, basil, sumac and balsamic.

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Fish dishes include salmon, which was dill and lime cured. This is served with beetroot, yoghurt and berries. Homeboy and Ness gave the salmon dish top marks. For something more substantial, try the sea bream on a bed of puy lentils. Otherwise, it was octopus or salt cod options. Meat eaters can try the spiced lamb tagine with roasted sweet potatoes. Duck breast with bulgur wheat and free-range chicken thigh with honey poached apricots both sounded tempting. We didn’t have room for desserts but would have tried the baklava or the banana and pecan cake. To give you the idea of price points – fish dishes were £8-9, meat £7.50-12.50 and veggie options were £7-8.

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The drinks menu included some exciting cocktails featuring spices and herbs. For example, the Saffron Aphrodisiac comprised of tequila, agave, coriander, lime juice, chilli peppers and saffron mixture. Wines were from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Lebanon. Soft drinks included Dalston lemonade. Happy days!

Tuyo Restaurant Interiors

tuyo restaurant broadway market interiors

Restaurant Interior

As you cross the bridge from the end of Broadway Market, you will see this narrow building with floor to ceiling glass windows. On a sunny day, you can sit outside and watch the world go by. There seemed to be plenty of joggers and cyclists in the evening. I only ventured inside to use the bathroom and take some photographs. They have an open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work. There is only one toilet, so don’t leave it too long before you pay a visit! The interiors are simple and contemporary. Towards the back of the space, you get a view of Regent’s Canal through the window.

Tuyo Restaurant Information

tuyo restaurant broadway market exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the  Tuyo Restaurant Website. The address is 129A Pritchard’s Road, London E2 9AP. It is located at the end of Broadway Market just as you cross over the bridge at Regent’s Canal. The closest stations are Cambridge Heath or London Fields which are both on the Overground. Check the website for the current opening times. We loved this restaurant; I hope you will!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Ness for recommending and Robin plus Homeboy.