una eco mattress can help stress sleepers

Una Eco Mattress Can Help Stress Sleepers

Anyone who suffers from stress will know that it can affect their sleep. Investing in an eco foam mattress and a quality pillow can help you achieve a good night’s sleep along with other techniques. If you want to invest in one of the most comfortable mattresses, the Una Organic Mattress Delux is worth considering. I’ve just tested one of the Una Organic Latex Pillows, which is excellent, it helped me get a great night’s sleep, and I’m very particular about my pillows! Most of us will suffer from stress at some point throughout our lives. I did when I owned a PR company many years ago. I found my coping techniques and ways to achieve a better night’s sleep which I will share with you in this article.

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A Good Nights Sleep Begins With Your Bed and Bedroom

The first place to start with a good night’s sleep is with your bed because this is something you have control over. Investing in a quality mattress is paramount, and you should buy the most comfortable mattress you can. I love the Una Mattress company because they sell eco mattresses made from certified organic materials – 100% organic cotton, wool, and latex. I’d choose the Organic Mattress Delux, which I think is the best eco-friendly mattress because it is super luxurious with 7-zone 24cm natural latex. With a 100 nights trial and a ten-year guarantee, you can rest assured that this company has your back!

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Ensuring you have a good mattress with the right level of firmness to support your body is essential. The clincher for me with the Una Organic Mattress Delux is that you can set your comfort and firmness by arranging the mattress layers. It is such a brilliant idea, and I wished I’d thought of it!

Banning off-gassing chemical materials such as synthetic mattress foams from your bedroom is another important factor. Because the Una Mattresses are petroleum and micro-plastics free, they don’t have any chemicals or new mattress smell.

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If you suffer from over-heating during the night, the Una mattress can help with that because it lets your body breathe. You may not over-heat yourself during the night, but you may sleep next to someone who does. I do! Besides, during the summer months, you will glad of a breathable mattress.

The Organic Mattress Essential is another good option with 17cm 7-zone support if you want to pay less. If, like me, you live in London and you are looking for a comfy firmness adjustable mattress made from healthy and sustainable natural materials, you can shop online at Una Mattress.

If you’ve already invested in a mattress but isn’t perfect, try adding a mattress topper. The Una Mattress Organic Latex Mattress Topper has 6cm extra soft organic latex and is made from the finest organic certified eco-friendly materials. It can help make your mattress more comfortable.

Choosing the right pillow can’t be underestimated. Whenever I go to a hotel, it is challenging to get a decent night’s sleep. I like a super-thin pillow; otherwise, nodding off to sleep isn’t going to happen. As I mentioned earlier, I have been trying the Organic Latex Pillow from Una Mattress, and I love it. Inside the zipped cover, two inner pillows allow you to adjust the firmness and height. I’ve taken out the thicker one and am sleeping on the thin pillow. It is fabulous. I’ve taken to it straight away. I’ve used the other pillow to prop myself up on the chaise sofa. My partner has also been trying an Organic Latex Pillow, and he is smitten. He likes a full pillow, so he has left both inner pads as they are, and he’s also getting a great night’s sleep. Because the materials are organic, there are no artificial smells that you often get from a new pillow so that you can enjoy it immediately.

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I would recommend buying quality bedding, which can also help you achieve a good night’s sleep. I’ve recently upgraded my duvet sets and sheets to organic and Egyptian cotton options, which has made a big difference.

Getting the room temperature right can also help you get better sleep. The room shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. I leave my window slightly open, so I have some air coming in, which seems to help.

Blocking out light can also help you fall off to sleep, so you may want to swap roller blinds or curtains for black-out materials.

If outside noise bothers you, it may help you invest in double glazing for your bedroom window or earplugs, which is the cheaper option.

How Stress Can Affect Your Sleep And What You Can Do To Help

Stress affects sleep for many reasons. People often find themselves lying in bed, not being able to sleep because their mind is racing, and they find themselves worrying about work or personal situations.

What you do before bedtime can affect your sleep. Doing some form of physical exercise during the day or early evening can help to tire you out so that when you go to bed, it may help you fall asleep more easily. Avoid exerting types of exercise just before you go to bed, as this may wake you up. Relaxing yoga poses is an excellent option in the evening but make sure you leave a gap after eating. Avoiding caffeine from mid-day, don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t overeat in the evening.

Mindfulness meditation techniques are helpful such as focusing on your breathing when you are lying down. Focus on your breath as you breathe in and out. Attending a Mindfulness Class or having one to one instruction via Zoom can empower you to practice Mindfulness and make it part of your day-to-day life. One of the key learnings from Mindfulness is that you can’t control everything in life, and once you understand that, it can help you feel less stressed.

When I was incredibly stressed in the past with thoughts whirling around my head, I would write myself a to-do list for the next day when I finished work. I would leave a pen and notepad on my bedside cabinet to jot down any thoughts that came into my head and release those from my mind. It is a small thing but did help.

Avoid watching TV in bed, and don’t bring your mobile phone, tablet or laptop into the bedroom. These will distract you, and the blue light from devices can interfere with achieving a restful state.

If you find it difficult to nod off to sleep, having a bedtime routine is a great idea. Whether you read a book, sip a chamomile tea or enjoy a bath, it’s all about finding a bedtime routine that suits you. If your stress is worrying you, it is wise to speak to a medical professional who can help you further. I hope you manage to find solutions to help you achieve a great night’s sleep.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs are Una Mattress and Homegirl London. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.