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Urban Cottage Industries Industrial Lighting Shop Review

Online Shop Review: Urban Cottage Industries. I love this industrial lighting shop which also stocks Prelogram stationery notebooks. You can buy everything from caged lighting to swan neck lights, enamel pendants, steampunk chandeliers, bulkheads, filament bulbs and more. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite products from Urban Cottage Industries to give you an idea of what’s available.

Products I Love From Urban Cottage Industries

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Products I Love

Maria Steampunk Brass Pendant Five Lamp Holder: Amazing industrial chandelier with adjustable arms, which is perfect for hanging above your reclaimed dining table, £292.80 (product code: s4000).

Red Enamel Coolie Lamp Shade: This classic coolie come shoemaker shade is created from low carbon steel and is spot on for creating task lighting above tables or kitchen counters, £93.24 (product code: s205420).

Blue Rosa Classic: Super cute cage pendant light powder-coated in a selection of colours which would look cool dangling over your bedside cabinet, £96 (product code: s209853).

Copper Short Swan Neck Outdoor Wall Light: Shed some light on your outside space with this swoon-worthy swan neck light, £283.90 (product code: S299801-P).

Verdigris Industrial Lamp Shade: Striking pendant shade in this gorgeous green colour paired with a chunky chain will make a statement in any hallway, £265.86 (product code: s203400).

Oval Bulkhead Light: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this aluminium wall light with prismatic glass cover would make your bathroom a better place, £195 (product code: s306910-N).

Galvanised Double Wall Socket: Go industrial with these faceplates, which have been designed to give the illusion that they are originals, £27.72 (product code: s155008)

More About Urban Cottage Industries Stock

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Limited Edition Beryl Pendants in Black or White

As I mentioned, this online shop stocks a wide selection of industrial lighting products. You can buy ready-made lighting, which includes enamel pendant shades, lantern pendants, wall lights, swan neck lights, cage lights, bulkheads, spotlights, sconces and steampunk chandeliers. You can also purchase various lighting components ranging from lamp holders to ceiling roses, hanging chains and even galvanised conduit pipes. If you fancy getting creative, you can make your bespoke light which is easy and a ton of fun. They can construct your light and then test and certify it. If you’re a stationery geek, you should also check out the selection of Moleskin and Leuchtturm notebooks which can be personalised.

Urban Cottage Industries Information

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Simple Pendant Lights

Take a look at this industrial lighting and Prelogram stationery shop on the Urban Cottage Industries Website. They sell products to consumers, trade and wholesale clients. Items are made in the UK, and the delivery times are speedy. Should you want to return anything, it’s no hassle. The company is employee-owned and is located in a former trouser factory! I love this shop and hope you will too.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Urban Cottage Industries. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising. I received product in return for the article.