Homegirl London finds useful industrial trolley cart storage furniture. This includes storage units and a coffee table. If you’re a fan of industrial metal cage shelving, then you’ll appreciate the simple raw beauty of these pieces. The storage shelves are also very versatile. You can place them in any room whether it’s the home office, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, kitchen or living room. You can use the units to house books, objects, clothing and kitchen equipment. It provides open shelving which can be moved around thanks to the castors on the base. These industrial trolley cart storage units would have been used by hotel porters in the past or as baker’s racks.

industrial trolley cart storage units, rom swoon editions

Five Shelf Units from Swoon

Industrial Trolley Cart Storage Units

Swoon Editions has two five shelf industrial units called Blaine. These are modelled on traditional baker’s racks. You get an open design with five fixed shelves. The shelves are made from reclaimed pine which might be up to one hundred years old so will have natural distressing. The surrounding frame is in a matt black metal finish. You can even use this outside in the backyard if you wanted. There are two sizes available. The larger unit is 159cm high, 93cm wide and 55cm in depth. The shelves are 27cm high, 90cm wide and 52cm in depth. The smaller unit is the same height but 60cm wide and 40cm in depth. Shelves are 29-31cm high, 57cm wide and 37cm in depth – £449-599 from Swoon Editions / no product code listed.

industrial trolley cart storage units, swoon editions

Five Shelf Units from Swoon

You can buy the Lewis Shelf from Urban Outfitters. It’s a very sturdy construction and you get five wooden shelves housed inside a metal frame. The wood is a light colour and the metal frame is black. On the bottom of the unit, you have four casters for easy manoeuvring. The measurements are 200cm high, 93cm in length and 41cm wide. The Shelves are 91.5cm long and 40cm wide – £600 from Urban Outfitters (UK) / product code: 5520633580102.

industrial trolley cart storage units, urban outfitters

Five Shelf Unit from Urban Outfitters (Picture Affiliate Link)

You’ll find a Trolley Storage with four shelves at Cuckooland. Each one is made to order which takes around four weeks. The construction is made from high-quality wood which is has a rustic look, giving this piece an authentic feel. Paired with the metal you have all the components for an industrial cart. The four casters on the base give you the ease of movement. The makers are called Woood (yes, that is spelt correctly) and they are a Dutch company using FSC certified wood to create furniture. The measurements are 158cm high, 94cm wide and 38cm in depth – £295 from Cuckooland / no product code listed.

industrial trolley cart storage units, cuckooland

Four Shelf Unit from Cuckooland (Picture Affiliate Link)

For a mini version try the Metal and Wood Shelf Trolley from Cox and Cox. You have three light colour raw oak wood shelves; bottom, middle and the additional space on top. The metal caging curves around to the front. Because this is a small unit it can be placed in your home office and used to stand your computer printer on top. It works equally well in the kitchen if you are short of space. Or perhaps you might want to place it in the bedroom and use this as a side table. Again, you have ease of movement with the castor wheels. It arrives fully assembled so you can use it immediately. The measurements are 99cm high, 93cm wide and 55cm in depth – £550 from Cox and Cox / product code: H-CAGESHELF.

industrial trolley cart storage units, cox and cox

Three Shelf Unit from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Industrial Trolley Cart Storage Coffee Table

I also like this Metal Cage and Wood Table from Cox and Cox. It’s great for adding an industrial edge to your living room. It’s also very useful because you can wheel it around where required. It has a bottom and top-shelf made from oak. You get the all-important metal cage surround which has been whitewashed. It matches the small unit above if you want to be coordinated. Again, it arrives fully assembled, phew! The measurements are 50cm high, 93cm wide and 55cm in depth – £325 from Cox and Cox / product code: H-CAGETBL.

industrial trolley cart storage units, cox and cox coffee table

Two Shelf Coffee Table from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Industrial Trolley Cart Storage Furniture

If you want to buy these storage units or the coffee table, you can find the links to each seller below.

Swoon Link: Swoon
Urban Outfitters (UK) Affiliate Link: Urban Outfitters (UK)
Cuckooland Affiliate Link: Cuckooland
Cox and Cox Affiliate Link: Cox and Cox

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Useful Industrial Trolley Cart Storage