Vintage lighting is a design trend which continues to shine bright in 2014.  This encompasses ceiling lights, floor standings lamps and table lamps.  Inspiration comes from New York loft spaces and railway stations of yester year.  Materials have an industiral feel – think metal, bolts and bare bulbs on display.  Let’s take a look at two collections to give you an idea of what to expect.

Vintage Lighting From Heal’s

Vintage lighting certainly prevailed at the Heal’s spring / summer 2014 press preview event.  Lighting is a key focus for Heal’s this year with quite a few contemporary industrial and a vintage loft warehouse pieces.

British Design Studio, Dyke & Dean, has produced a customised lighting collection.  This allows customers to create their own lights using a selection of components – fixtures, fittings and flexes.  Layer your light or strip it back to a bare bulb with coloured flex.  However you choose to construct it, you can make yourself lighting which is totally unique.

Vintage Lighting, Dyke and Dean Light Components

Dyke & Dean Lighting

Vintage Lighting, Dyke and Dean Lights

Dyke & Dean Lighting

Statement vintage lighting with a loft / warehouse style includes the Suez Canal Search Light and the New York Walk / Don’t Walk Sign which are both show-stopping pieces.

Vintage Suez Canal Search Light

Suez Canal Search Light

Vintage Lighting, New York Style Light

New York Walk / Don’t Walk Sign

Magnus Pettersen is a Norwegian furniture and product designer.  He’s created the Bell Pendant Light and Bell Table Lamp to be sold exclusively at Heal’s.  These feature mouth blown glass and rich walnut timber for a sophisticated take on industrial vintage style lighting.

Vintage Lighting, Magnus Pettersen Bell Lamp

Magnus Pettersen, Bell Pendant Light and Bell Table Lamp

Vintage Lighting From Aditi Studios

Aditi Studios make beautiful vintage lighting.  The Flying Scotsman design has been inspired by down lighters found along Britain’s railways.  This piece been hand sculpted in ceramic with the outer covered with a pretty floral design.  This is a new update on their already popular model.

Vintage Lighting, Aditi Studios

The Flying Scotsman

Vintage lighting – where to buy

You can buy vintage lighting from the following retailers:

Heal’s: Heal’s Link

Aditi Studios: Aditi Studios Link

Author: Homegirl London. Photography: Heal’s and Aditi Studios.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Heal’s (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).