wall paint colour interior trend predicts warm copper blush

Wall paint colour interior trend predicts warm copper blush

If you’re thinking about painting your home anytime soon then you might be interested to know about the latest interior trends for wall paint and colour schemes.  The Dulux trends forecasting panel (ColourFutures) has nominated Copper Blush as the overriding colour for 2015.  Let’s take a look at this wall paint in situ to give you a feel for the trend and to discover which colours it works well with.

wall paint copper blush colour

Dulux Copper Blush (Picture Affiliate Link)

Wall Paint For Copper Blush Interiors

Copper Blush is such a warm and positive colour which touches on pinks, reds and oranges.  So you could say that it’s an orangey copper tone.  It works well on its own but also combines perfectly with other orange hues as you can see in this picture below.  The Copper Blush really comes alive against the zesty and citrus zing of the orange which would work well in a home office setting.  It would certainly get your creative juices bursting into action!

wall paint copper blush with orange

Copper Blush Works Well With Orange (Picture Affiliate Link)

For your living room, the Copper Blush can really make this space feel cosy in the winter.  Just think about the gorgeous glow from your roaring real fire or the friendly flicker from candles.  As you move into the summer months, your living room will echo Mediterranean living.  To transcend the seasons just set the colour against muted or flesh pinks for a rustic feel.  If you have wooden beams or a wooden floor, this colour might be just what you need to tie your room together.  It would be just awesome with oak and perfect with pine.

wall paint copper blush with pink

Copper Blush Works Well With Pink (Picture Affiliate Link)

For a rustic flavour, pepper your space with organic shaped pottery and clay vessels in earthy tones.  Carved wooden bowls will also look beautiful against this stunning shade.

wall paint copper blush with natural colours

Copper Blush Works Well With Natural Wood and Earthy Tones (Picture Affiliate Link)

This colour is also a match for metallic – copper, brass and gold.  Notice how the copper coloured kitchen cabinets shimmer against the Copper Blush.  If you’ve bought yourself some copper lampshades, this is the colour to really set them off.

wall paint copper blush with coppr kitchen

Copper Blush Works Well With Metallic (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you’re using this colour in the kitchen or kitchen diner then hang up a few copper pots for a warm glow or place a copper kettle on the hob.

wall paint with copper tones

Copper Blush Works Well With Metallic (Picture Affiliate Link)

For bedrooms, set this colour off against white for a crisp and contemporary feel which could be the floor, ceiling, skirting board or some of the walls.

wall paint copper blush with white and yellows

Copper Blush Works Well With White (Picture Affiliate Link)

This is a very versatile colour because it looks beautiful on its own and comes alive when combined with flesh pink, clay toned neutrals, wood tones and metallic objects.  The bedroom image above also shows how this colour can work with yellow hues.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – its fun and could change your mood.  Because this colour is warm and inviting it might make you feel more relaxed and content which would be amazing!

Wall Paint ColourFutures Predictions

Dulux is owned by AkzoNobel, the largest colour and coatings manufacturer in the world.  They monitor emerging social, economic and design trends around the globe to forecast which colours will be popular for consumers.  Each year they invite a select panel of independent design experts to predict trends two years in advance.  This panel is known as ‘ColourFutures’ and for 2015 they have nominated Copper Blush as the colour of the year.

Where To Buy This Wall Paint Colour

If you want to buy this Copper Blush colour, the code is 50YR 36/263 which you can view on Dulux (Affiliate Link) website by typing this code into the search bar.  The price for Dulux MixLab Copper Blush Matt 2.5 litres is £24.49 RRP.  You can buy Dulux paint from all good DIY stores and paint specialist shops.  For more information visit the website or telephone 08444 817 817.

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