wall paint colour interior trends 2015 tune into psyche

Wall paint colour interior trends 2015 tune into psyche

Following on from my post about the 2015 key wall paint colour from Dulux being Copper Blush, I’m going to tell you about the other hot wall paint colour interior trends 2015.  These predictions are from the ‘ColourFutures’ panel who monitor emerging social, economic and design trends around the world to forecast new colours which will tune into our psyche.  I’ve picked out three of these trends to share with you.

wall paint colour copper blush

Dulux Colour of the Year – Copper Blush (50YR 36/263) (Picture Affiliate Link)

 Three Wall Paint Colour Trends

‘Layer + Layer’ is the Dulux Spring and Summer trend palette which is an expression of our multi-dimensional lives which are made up of layers.  This is encapsulated through the use of colour combinations and application techniques.  It’s all about subtle clusters in soft and pastel hues which work well with the anchor colour of copper blush (see picture above).  The palette comprises of vintage rose pinks, pistachio greens, yummy yellows, baby blues, soft amethysts and bleached neutrals.

wall paint colour layer plus layer colours

Layer + Layer Colours (Picture Affiliate Link)

These colours complement each other and sit side by side through techniques of fading, overlapping and even marbling.  The faded look is a move on from the ombre trend we had a couple of years back.  For example, these cupboards have been roughly painted with Caramel Blush which fades into Sunny Savannah 6.  It’s lovely and light and quite subtle bringing interest to a room without any drama.

wall paint colour storage doors

Faded Storage Cupboard Doors: Caramel Blush (10YY 68/110) / Sunny Savannah 6 (45YY 66/512) (Picture Affiliate Link)

For those who are more daring and experimental, try an array of colours painted in rough lines.  The good news is that you don’t need to be a paint expert because the style is very organic and uncomplicated with no straight lines required.  See how these colours work well together.

wall paint colour bedroom

Layered Bedroom Wall: Sunny Savannah 6 (45YY 66/512) / Jewelled Creek 5 (30BG 64/072) / Soft Cinnebar 3 (70RR 41/065) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Another interesting colour trend from Dulux is the ‘+ Unseen Spaces’ with a palette of subtle greys, blues, khakis and pinks.  This trend is all about highlighting those neglected spaces within our homes which we’ve previously paid little attention to.  With dwellings becoming smaller it’s important to reclaim every centimetre and make it into prime real estate!  For example, if you have space underneath a staircase then put it to good use.  Perhaps it could become your dining area or a place to recline back in a chair and read a book.

wall paint colour dining space

Under the Stairs Dining Space: Bitter Chocolate 4 (59YR 47/057) / Hidden Beauty (50YR 73/022) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Alternatively, you can highlight an object to bring it to life or make something ordinary, like a window, extraordinary with paint.  See how this simple idea can transform a room.

wall paint colour highlighted window

Highlighted Window: Wistful Mauve (30RR 22/031) / Hidden Beauty (50YR 73/022) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Another example is this simple circle painted on the wall to highlight a pendant light.  This emphasises what would otherwise be a previously overlooked object.  Just combine lighter and darker tones with the relevant shape and it’s as easy as that.

wall paint colour highlighted pendant

Highlighted Pendant: Shaded Stone (30YY 56/060) / Chiffon White 1 (30GY 76/017) (Picture Affiliate Link)

The final trend I’m going to tell you about is ‘Friendly Barter +’ which brings berry-toned pinks together with reds, limes and oranges against the richness of ochre, brown and warm grey.  This trend stems from our need to collaborate, share and borrow in an increasingly digital world.  So you’ll find warm and inviting colours within this collection painted in large blocks which harmonise together to make you happy.  These colours actually work really well combined with reclaimed timber and natural materials like these painted vintage wooden crates.

wall paint colour wooden crate storage unit

Wooden Crate Storage Unit: Jamaican Ginger 2 (80YR 13/325) / Summer Pecan 1 (00YY 21/321) / Popped Corn (20YY 51/306) / Sweet Orange (68YR 28/701) / Collective Coral (30YR 21/505) / Open House (50YR 22/052) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Or colour block a room with interesting combinations like this dining area which uses Sincere Brew on the top half of the walls and Chartreuse Charm on the bottom.

wall paint colour dining room

Colour-Blocked Dining Room: Sincere Brew (20YY 45/114) / Chartreuse Charm (60YY 39/654) (Picture Affiliate Link)

Wall Paint Colour Predictions

Dulux is the largest colour and coatings manufacturer in the world and owned by AkzoNobel.  Every year they gather a panel of experts to assess emerging trends in society so that can determine which paint colours we’ll want on our walls in the future.  This panel is known as ‘ColourFutures’ and the key colour for 2015 is Copper Blush which lies at the core of all the trends mentioned in this article.

Where To Buy Dulux Wall Paint Colour

Dulux paint is sold nationwide in all good paint specialist and DIY stores.  A 2.5litre tin of matt emulsion usually retails at £24.49.  View the Dulux Website (Affiliate Link) for further information or call 08444 817 817.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Dulux.  Thanks: Holly Smith and Joanna Melville. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Dulux (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates, I will earn a small commission).