The white brick wall trend is certainly one of those DIY decorating ideas you can easily achieve at home with masonry paint.  I’ve spotted this white brick wall look at various shops, coffee bars and eateries in London.  Let’s take a look at these pictures I’ve taken to give you a feeling for this trend.

White Brick Wall Trend Examples

Maison d’Etre, a café in Highbury, features a rough brick wall painted white in their back room.  You’ll notice that even though the brick work is uneven, the white wash effect still looks fabulous.

White Brick Wall, Maison Detre Interiors

Maison d’Etre Café

The Book Club eatery on Leonard Street has a warehouse come old school house feel with white brick walls.

White Brick Wall, The Book Club Interiors

The Book Club Eatery

Prufrock Coffee Shop in Leather Lane features a white brick wall which looks great against the bright blue painted wall.

White Brick Wall, Prufrock Coffee Interior

Prufrock Coffee Shop

Wahaca, the mexican restaurant in Charlotte Street, has white brick walls which allows the bright patterned floor tiles to be viewed without being interrupted.

White Brick Wall, Wahaca Interiors

Wahaca Mexican Restaurant

The new Cath Kidston shop in Piccadilly has a couple of exposed brick walls which have been painted white.  The painting effect here is uneven to show some of the original brick colour through for a distressed look.

White Brick Wall, Cath Kidston Shop Interiors

Cath Kidston UK Shop

White Brick Wall DIY Ideas

Get the look at home.  If you want to white wash brick walls use masonry paint rather than emulsion.  Dulux paint brands are particularly good.  Brush the walls to remove any loose bits and pieces.  Use a primer first to prepare the walls.  Follow with a coat of masonry paint which is either textured or smooth.  I personally prefer the smooth masonry paint myself.  View the Dulux website for more information

You don’t need to be too perfect when painting your walls – let some of the original brick colour show through for a New York warehouse vibe.  For a distressed look paint the walls using a brush, for a covered look use a roller.

White Brick Wall DIY Cheats

If you love the look but don’t have an exposed brick wall to paint – you can always use brick wallpaper.  I found some examples online at these companies which you might want to view.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Homegirl London.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Cath Kidston UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).