Long gone are the days when we had milk delivered to our doorsteps.  Hark what’s that I hear rattling?   It’s the nostalgic sound of milk bottles once again.  I’ve spotted them being used as water bottles in Maison d’etre, Highbury.  Drink, Shop & Do in Caledonian Road has them to display dainty flowers on tables and Gathering Moss on Blackstock Road has a range in their window.  When I popped into Future & Found in Tufnell Park, the owner Andrea Bates told me that she only had one left because all the others had sold out really quickly.  I spotted some cool art style bottles made by Jane Howard in Tracey Neuls, the shoe designer store based in Marylebone Lane.  I found handmade porcelain milk bottles with gold stoppers at Folklore on Upper Street which are cast from original English vintage varieties.  Pedlars has a large range from 1950s to 1980s and so does rebeccaheartsvintage at Etsy.   Credits: text and images by Homegirl London.  Additional images supplied by Folklore, Pedlars and rebeccaheartsvintage at Etsy.  Special thanks to Andrea Bates, Pamela from Pedlars, Georgina Blain and Danielle Reid.

Milk Bottle for Water, Maison Detre

Milk bottle for Water, Maison d’etre, Highbury & Islington

Milk Bottle Flowers, Drink, Shop & Do

Milk bottle flower table display, Drink, Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX

Milk Bottles, Drink, Shop & Do

Milk bottles for sale, Drink, Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX

Vintage Milk Bottles in Window, Gathering Moss

Vintage milk bottles in window, Gathering Moss, 193 Blackstock Road, London N5 2LL

Milk Bottle, Future and Found, Fortress Road,

One milk bottle left for sale, Future &  Found, Fortress Road, Tufnell Park

Milk Bottles, Tracey Neuls

Milk bottles by artist Jane Howard, Tracey Neuls, 29 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NQ

Vintage milk bottles, Pedlars

Selection of milk bottles available to buy, £7.95

rebeccaheartsvintage, Etsy

Etsy, rebeccaheartsvintage

Selection of milk bottles, £10, available from rebeccaheartsvintage at
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