My house moving packing tips are super helpful if you’ve sold your home or you’re about to rent a new flat. It takes longer than you think to pack up your belongings, so you need to be organised. I consider myself a minimalist, and it took me much more time than I expected to pack. Here are some easy house moving packing tips to get you started.

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Helpful House Moving Packing Tips: Get Organised

You can do the packing yourself or get the removal company to do it for you. This article focusses on undertaking the task yourself. Before you embark on the packing marathon, make sure you’ve decluttered first. There is no pointing moving unwanted belongings from one property to another. It’s a waste of effort and money. So please read my decluttering tips first.

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Start by assessing how much stuff you have to move. Purchase moving boxes, quality tape and bubble wrap. Bear in mind that bigger boxes will be heavier to move so medium sizes may be preferable. If you have a desktop computer or flat-screen TV, you can buy specialist boxes to accommodate these.

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To keep costs down, ask local shops to give you boxes and pick up free newspapers on your way home from work. Plastic bin bags are great for clothes, and wheelie bin bags are perfect for bulky duvets and pillows. Just make sure you label the bin bags, so you don’t mistake them for rubbish.

Helpful House Moving Packing Tips: Make A Schedule

It’s up to you when you start the packing process but bear in mind it is likely to take you longer than you think. At the minimum, give yourself one week for a two-bedroom apartment. You’ll need longer if you have a house and children to consider. If you can get other occupants in the home and the children to participate. A moving schedule will help you focus your efforts. Don’t overdo it, spread the load out, so you don’t get stressed.

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Designate a room where you can store your boxes. Start with packing items you are not going to use daily first. For example, you don’t want to pack the kettle, toaster or TV immediately. With this in mind, you might want to begin on the guest bedroom and leave the kitchen and bathroom until the end. When you’re ready to start packing concentrate on one room at a time. This makes life much easier when you get to your new home as the boxes can be placed in the corresponding room to unpack.

Helpful House Moving Packing Tips: Boxing Up

If you’re using cardboard boxes, make sure you tape these properly. There’s nothing worse than the bottom falling out of a box. Line your box with a couple of newspapers for extra padding. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper. Make sure you put ‘Fragile’ tape on those boxes. Label boxes with the contents so you can find items quickly. Distribute towels, throws, bedding and pillows throughout boxes of fragile items for additional padding. Pictures and mirrors can be covered in bubble wrap, or you can use old blankets and towels. Buy decorating plastic sheets which you can cut to size to wrap more substantial items in such as sofa cushions.


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StorePAK Cardboard Boxes from Agros (Affiliate Link and Picture Link)

Think about items that you’ll need to close to hand when you move into your new place. A box of kitchen essentials is recommended. Pack yourself a suitcase of clothes. Organise a bag with essential electrical items such as your laptop, iPad and relevant chargers. If you need to stay at a hotel in between your house sale or purchase, you’ll be ready. When you get to your new home, you’ll be able to locate all your essentials without having to unpack immediately. You should also keep relevant documents and your passport, driving license and birth certificate with you. If you are taking medication, make sure you have these to hand. Good luck with your packing and house moving!

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Helpful House Moving Packing Tips