open plan living dining room ideas

Open plan living dining room ideas

If you’re searching for open plan living-dining room ideas then you might be interested in these complementary furniture collections from Barker and Stonehouse.  It’s actually harder than you think getting your living room and dining room looking cohesive and working well as one harmonious space.  It’s all about finding furniture which can clearly define a zone for a particular use but doesn’t look out of place next to each other.  The Winsley leather corner sofa and leather armchair provide relaxed seating which ties in superbly against the wild oak of the Savannah rustic dining table and chairs, dining table bench, matching oak sideboard and storage cabinet.  Let’s take a look at the furniture offering from Barker and Stonehouse which will provide you with some open-plan living-dining room ideas.

open plan living dining room ideas, sideboard and armchair

Winsley Leather Armchair and Savannah Sideboard from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

Open plan living-dining room ideas – living room

Let’s start with the Winsley leather corner sofa and leather armchair which will provide your room with relaxed seating.  The rustic dark leathers are paired with neutral-toned fabric and striking stripes for an eclectic style.  The seating is totally comfortable thanks to the foam, feather and fibre wrap plus the scatter cushions.  It has been constructed so you get good support and the frame is really sturdy.  Overall it is a great family orientated sofa which you can slouch out on and enjoy watching the TV.  You have various options including a right hand or left-hand chaise and a stool which you can pop on the end to extend your seating area.  The matching armchair is also a nice extra to have if you’ve got the space.  In terms of prices, this range was actually on offer when I was writing up this feature so do take a look online because you might still be in luck.  To give you an idea about price points the Chaise Corner and Stool combined are usually £2849 and the offer price was £1995.

open plan living dining room ideas leather corner sofa and leather armchair

Winsley Leather Corner Sofa and Leather Armchair from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you notice the coffee table and side table here are from the Savannah collection which is a great way to tie the living room zone with the dining room space.  Because the coffee table is a very similar frame and shapes to the dining room table, you get a cohesive look without over-complicating the room.  So do bear this in mind if you are furnishing one large room.

Open plan living-dining room ideas – dining room

In terms of dining room furniture, the Savannah collection is full of contemporary rustic charm.  Crafted from wild oak and finished with a clear lacquer you have added protection for the natural material.  The dining table has a nice simple yet solid frame with chunky legs.  It seats six people comfortably and perhaps more if you opt for bench seating.  Benches come with or without seat pads.  Alternatively, you can try the dining chairs which are covered in a choice of black or brown fabric.  Or you could mix benches with dining chairs if you so wish.  Overall, this is a great dining table that is perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.  This range is was also on offer, you can buy the table with three dining chairs and a bench with seat pads usually for £1143 but is currently £799.  Alternatively, you can buy all these items singularly and make up your own arrangement.

open plan living dining room ideas dining table and chairs

Savannah Dining Room Table, Chairs and Bench from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

The key to a workable open-plan space is plenty of storage.  If you have a dining room combined with your living room then do invest in a sideboard or storage cabinet for your crockery and other items you may need close to hand.  The Savannah collection includes a two-section and three-section sideboard plus a high sideboard version.  Again, the prices are on offer so do check online but to give you an idea, the three-section sideboard is £549 instead of the usual price of £735.

open plan living dining room ideas, oak sideboard

Savannah Three Section Sideboard from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you are short of floor space try the taller cabinets, the China Display case is charming which gives you a combination of a cupboard with windows for showcasing decorative objects.  This is usually priced at £959 but is on offer for £719.

open plan living dining room ideas display cabinet

Savannah China Display Case from Barker and Stonehouse (Picture Affiliate Link)

You’ll notice from these photographs that the rugs, cushions and rattan woven bowls used for decoration are quite similar to Aztec style prints and earthy colours.  This is another good way of pulling multi zones together for one overall cohesive look.

Open plan living-dining room ideas – where to buy

You can buy the Winsley seating and the Savannah dining room collection from Barker and Stonehouse (Affiliate Link). This furniture retailer has been in existence since 1946 and has nine shops plus a good website if you want to purchase goods online.  They stock a great selection of designer furniture, lighting and home accessories which covers many different styles from contemporary to traditional, rustic, industrial and more.  The Battersea store is very large (25,000 square feet) and well worth a visit, they even have a car park and an in-store café.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Stonehouse and Barker.  Thanks: Hannah Waugh.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner link – Stonehouse and Barker (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).