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Ten Tips On How To Ditch Your Junk Responsibly

Ten Tips On How To Ditch Your Junk Responsibly: Hopefully, you’ve been on a spring cleaning, decluttering and house clearing mission since the Coronavirus Pandemic took hold. I’ve been through every cupboard in my apartment at least twice! If you haven’t managed to tackle this task yet, it’s time for that last push before we are footloose and fancy-free again! Decluttering is easy, but getting rid of your rubbish afterwards is another job. With the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are restrictions on many services. I’ve put together ten tips on how to ditch your junk responsibly.

how to ditch your junk responsibly vintage suitcases

Vintage Suitcases

Ten Tips On How Ditch Your Junk Responsibly

Before you begin the decluttering process, take a moment to consider how you are going to ditch your junk responsibly. It will help you sort your items into relevant piles depending on their final destination. Your trash may be rubbish, useful to other people, worthy of being donated for a charitable cause or sold online. Here are a few ideas on how to dispose of those items you no longer want.

1. Currently, rubbish tips are closed, but you can use a service like AnyJunk (sponsored link), which is a nationwide bulky waste removal company providing van rubbish removal and skip hire. They divert 96% of rubbish from landfill, so it’s a responsible service to consider. It is an excellent option for those without a car or if you are clearing out a large room such as the garage, basement or loft. Check out the new app called LoveJunk (sponsored link), which has been created to help Londoners find their nearest and cheapest licensed waste carrier.

2. If you have a few large items to dispose of, you can ask your local council to collect these; some charge for the service, and you’ll need to check the available service.

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Vintage Cookery Books from Anthea’s Attic at Etsy UK

3. Currently, many charities are not taking donations, but the clothes banks located on the streets are open. You may want to keep a few bags of clothes to donate to your local charity when they open again.

4. Items that may be useful to other people can be put in front of your home with a note saying, ‘Please Take Me For Free.’

how to ditch your junk responsibly tallboy furniture alfred cox mid century chest

Alfred Cox Mid Century Chest of Drawers from Tallboy Furniture at Etsy UK

5. If you live in a block of flats, you can pin a poster on the notice board with pictures of all the items you want to giveaway and ask neighbours to call you if they would like to take an object.

6. Vintage and antique furniture can be sold via auction. Check online for your local auction house. If the item is rare and high value, you may need to travel further afield to a specialist auctioneer.

7. If you have collections of vintage postcards, photographs, letters, fabrics or journals, you can set up a shop on Etsy.

how to ditch your junk responsibly junk journal kit the junk journalist

Junk Journal Kit from The Junk Journalist at Etsy UK

8. Items of value can be sold via eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Preloved and other online or app selling platforms.

9. Specialist seller websites are available such as Discogs for vinyl, tapes and CDs. Try Music Magpie to sell tech items such as iPhones, games consoles and Ziffit for books, games, DVDs and CDs.

how to ditch your junk responsibly wood dog studios stained lp crate

Stained LP Crate from Wood Dog Studios at Etsy UK

10. You can sell designer fashion via Cudoni and Rebelle.

After the Coronavirus restrictions have been removed, you can try car boot sales, jumble sales, charity shops and drive to the rubbish tip, etc.

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