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Brunch At Farm Girl Portobello Road London W11

Brunch at Farm Girl, Portobello Road, London W11, is a casual affair. This charming Aussie-inspired café is the place to be if you’re looking for a tasty and healthy brunch that will satisfy you. Avocado on Toast, perfect Pancakes and a variety of Egg Dishes are waiting to be made for you at this buzzy eatery. And let’s not forget about their coffee because you should try their fragrant signature Rose Latte. If you’re searching for the best brunch places on Portobello Road or craving a healthy café near Notting Hill Station, Farm Girl is your ultimate destination.

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“Nestled next picturesque St. Peter’s Church on lively Portobello Road, Farm Girl is a brunch destination for anyone wanting a welcoming and wholesome food experience in London W11,” Homegirl London.

Farm Girl Notting Hill Brunch Menu

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Now, let’s talk about their brunch menu. It caters to all your cravings and takes pride in using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. If you’re feeling virtuous, try their Acai Bowl, packed with Amazonian Berries, blended with Banana and Coconut Milk and topped with a medley of Seasonal Fruits, Granola, Chia Seeds and Coconut Shavings. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, dive into their Fruit and Greek Yogurt, featuring a delightful blend of Seasonal Fruit, Estate Dairy Greek Yogurt, Orange Blossom Honey and Pumpkin Seeds.

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Indulge in the heavenly Strawberry and Lime Pancakes adorned with warm Strawberries, Zesty Lime, Coconut Yogurt, Coconut Shavings, and drizzled with Maple Syrup. And let me tell you, their Cherry Ripe Pancakes are a true delight with a Sour Cherry Compote. I tried the latter and loved every mouthful!

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I also tried the delicious Avocado on Toast with  Smashed Avocado seasoned with Aleppo Chili Flakes, Mint and Dill. You’ll be pleased to know that Farm Girl has you covered with their Clarence Court Egg selection. Enjoy the simplicity of Fried, Poached or Scrambled Eggs on Wholewheat Sourdough. Go big with their Farm Breakfast Plate, brimming with Beef Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Chives, Ararat Flatbread, Thyme-Roasted Plum Tomatoes, and Miso-Roasted Portobello Mushrooms. Try their Seoul Eggs, Huevos Rancheros or the Green Turkish style option if you want something different.

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Their Rose and Lavender Lattes will transport you to a fragrant garden of caffeinated bliss. And hold on tight for the Liquid Gold Latte, a magical concoction with Turmeric, Ginger Root, Honey, Black Pepper and velvety Coconut Milk. Prepare for their Butterfly Matcha, made from Organic Blue Ceremonial Grade Matcha Latte and Almond Milk. Try the Happy Hot Chocolate if you need a mood enhancer; it combines Cacao, Date Syrup, Peppermint, Matcha, CBD and Hazelnut Milk.

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Helpful Information About Farm Girl Notting Hill

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Step inside and be greeted by a relaxed atmosphere designed by Beata Heuman. She combines the cosy vibes of a country farmhouse with a splash of California coastal charm. And if the weather is on your side, their terrace is the perfect spot to bask in the sunshine while enjoying your Brunch delights. Plus, they’re dog-friendly so you can bring your furry friend along for the fun.

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For more information, go to the Farm Girl website. This laid-back cafe is at 59A Portobello Road, London W11 3DB, just a short walk from Notting Hill Gate Station. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5 pm, and 9 am to 6 pm at the weekend.

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