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Museum Of Brands Notting Hill London W11

Experience a captivating journey through time at the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London W11. This destination is an absolute must-visit for those intrigued by packaging, advertising, marketing, or a sense of nostalgia. The museum’s crowning jewel, the permanent exhibition known as the ‘Time Tunnel,’ transcends eras, whisking you away from the Victorian age to the present day. Moreover, the museum boasts a subtropical garden, a cosy cafe, and a delightful gift shop. It’s the ideal locale to immerse yourself in the past for a few hours. If you’re looking for London museums, unusual museums or things to do in Notting Hill, you’ll love the Museum of Brands.

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What You’ll See At The Museum Of Brands

At the Museum of Brands, the spectacle before you spans 150 years of brands, packaging and advertising. It’s presented within the permanent ‘Time Tunnel’ exhibit, meticulously curated by consumer historian Robert Opie. This endeavour was initiated five decades ago, and its inception led to the first museum opening in Gloucester in 1984.

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Inside the Time Tunnel, you’ll see packaging from significant supermarket brands, magazines and memorabilia. These weave the tale of bygone eras and their prevailing trends. As you wander, you’ll stumble upon relics that reflect the way of life in earlier times. These offer insights into what captured the essence of ‘cool’ back then.

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While Robert Opie primarily focuses on the history of supermarket brands, his explorations extend to various facets of our consumer saga. These encompass toys and games, travel and transportation, leisure and entertainment. You’ll also find magazines, newspapers, technology, fashion and even pivotal historical occurrences and royal celebrations. This eclectic mix provides a broader backdrop to the everyday evolution of marketing trends.

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Delving into the Time Tunnel propels you into an extraordinary odyssey that tracks the transformation of our consumer-driven society, commencing from the Victorian epoch. This immersive journey contextualises our cherished brands against the backdrop of momentous events. Royal coronations, world wars, lunar landings and the digital revolution are all referenced.

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The chronologically arranged Time Tunnel unearths the seismic shifts brought about by inventions. Railways, motor cars, planes and the advent of cinema, radio and television were all dramatic changes. Within this temporal tapestry, the toys and games since the 1950s mirror the prevailing TV programs. Likewise, magazine covers and vibrant posters reflect each era’s ever-evolving styles and product aspirations. The Time Tunnel also shows the advancing tide of technology, the decline of domestic service, the empowerment of women and other narratives of the time.

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Whether you’re a nostalgia enthusiast, a connoisseur of package design, or intrigued by the history of our throwaway culture, the Time Tunnel is an invaluable trove of cherished childhood memories. It’s all there to be remembered, from toys and sweets to crisps and cereals. Additionally, it unveils a panorama of your grandparents’ generation, underscoring that the artefacts on display were once the epitome of innovation.

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I enjoyed seeing the covers of some magazines I loved as a teenager. Also, the sweets I spent my pocket money on, the iconic chopper bike and the space hopper! These brought back floods of cherished memories. It’s a great museum to visit with the entire family as there is something for everyone.

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Helpful Information About The Museum Of Brands

For further information, explore the Museum of Brands website. Situated at 111-117 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1QT, the museum is conveniently close to Ladbroke Grove Station. Operating hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday and Bank Holidays, 11 am to 5 pm.

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Check out the gift shop, cafe and beautiful garden while you are there.

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