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Paddington Basin to Trellick Tower London Walk

Join me on a fantastic London walk from Paddington Basin to Trellick Tower. If you have half a day spare during the week or at the weekend, this is an interesting London walking tour to explore. Start off for breakfast at Paddington Basin, then walk by the canal via Little Venice and onto the famous landmark Trellick Tower. If you’re looking for free things to do in London, this London walk is great for urban city lovers.

london walk, paddington basin

Paddington Basin

Start This London Walk from Paddington Basin

We did this walk from Paddington Basin to Trellick Tower last week when our friend Molly was visiting from New Jersey, USA. We met at Paddington tube station and then took the Merchant Square exit. If you’re not familiar with Merchant Square, it’s an eleven-acre estate of offices, leisure facilities, bars and restaurants in the heart of Paddington Basin. What’s great about this area is that you are by water. The Paddington Basin connects with the Grand Union Canal taking you through West London. Find out more at The Canal and River Trust, where you can read about the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal and the Grand Union Canal History.

london walk, paddington basin

Merchant Square at Paddington Basin

We headed towards Little Venice, which is a cute area of triangular-shaped water with Browning’s Island in the middle. Little Venice is surrounded by expensive eighteenth-century white stucco houses. Here you will find lovely barges lining the canal banks, a floating café and puppet barge, plus the Rembrandt Gardens. You can also take various barge tours from Little Venice. At this junction, there are two branches of canal waterways taking you in two different directions. The Paddington Arm of the canal takes you towards West London (where we are heading), and the other is Regent’s Canal which takes you towards London Zoo and Camden, which eventually ends up at the Limehouse Basin.

london walk, little venice area

Little Venice

The scenery along the Paddington Arm of the canal from Little Venice to the Trellick Tower is more urban than the countryside, so think graffiti and concrete. There are barges along the river banks, and across the water, you can get a glimpse of some interesting waterside apartments.

london walk, little venice area

Waterside Houses

If you walked from Paddington Basin to Trellick Tower without stopping, it takes around forty minutes. But you can take your time and stop off to admire the pretty scenery at Little Venice and take some photographs of graffiti as you walk.

london walk, barge and dog on canal

Canal Boat and Dog

Finish This London Walk at Trellick Tower

You’ll spot Trellick Tower in the distance, you can’t miss it. This is a 31-storey block of flats in a brutalist architecture style by Erno Goldfinger. Such tower blocks were a solution to the post-war housing problem. Trellick Tower is a listed building and a fine example of brutalist architecture.

london walk, trellick tower

Iconic Trellick Tower

Yes, that is the Goldfinger name you recognise as a Bond villain. Ian Flemming loved the surname and used it for his movie and character. The real Goldfinger (11 September 1902 to 15 November 1987) was an architect and furniture maker born in Hungry. He was a key member of the modernist architectural movement and was responsible for designing tower blocks after he moved to the UK in the 1930s.

london walk, goldfinger factory

Goldfinger Factory

Make sure you visit the Goldfinger Factory Store, which is in the parade of shops underneath the tower at 13-15 Golborne Road, London W10 5NY. This is a community project with an emphasis on turning waste into gold. You can buy furniture here which is made from reused wood or pieces which have been upcycled. You can also request for customisation of key furniture items. It’s a great shop to browse, and next door, you will find a lovely neighbourhood café by Panella London serving Sicilian street food. To find out more, read my Goldfinger Factory Feature.

london walk, meanwhile gardens

Meanwhile Gardens

Just before you reach Trellick Tower, you will also see the Meanwhile Skate Park, where skateboarders hang out. There is also the Meanwhile Gardens which were founded in 1976 and improved in 2000. If you want to finish your walk after the Trellick Tower, the nearest tube station is Westbourne Park which is on the Circle and Hammersmith and City lines.

Add to This London Walk

If you want to continue to explore further, you can continue past the Goldfinger Factory and along Golborne Road, you will find some lovely antique shops selling fireplaces, furniture and home accessories ranging from shabby chic to industrial and curious. Golborne Road will eventually take you to Portobello Road, which is famous for its antique markets, clothing stores and food stalls. Fridays and Saturdays are the best days to visit Portobello Road Market. However, there are still plenty of fabulous eateries and shops to browse during the week.

london walk, meanwhile gardens

Golborne Road Shops

I hope you enjoy this walk, and please stay safe. It’s always best to go walking around urban areas with a friend and not late at night. Make sure your mobile phone is charged but not out of view, and watch out for the cyclists along the path so you don’t walk in front of them. We had a very pleasant stroll along this canal, but I think you should always have your wits about you!

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Molly and Homeboy, for joining me on the walk.