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Wonderful Alice’s Shop Portobello Road London W11

Visiting Alice’s Shop, Portobello Road, London W11, is highly recommended if you are nearby. This charming establishment offers a carefully curated selection of vintage-style products, including china, metal hearts with wings, love signs, and other intriguing curiosities. Among the eclectic mix, you’ll stumble upon a vintage-style diving helmet, a giant plastic rhino, pigeon ornaments, a statue of Punch (without Judy) and even a dog dressed in an aviator helmet. You can easily spot Alice’s Shop due to its vibrant red exterior, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland’s enchanting world, captivating passersby’s attention. If you’re looking for the best shops on Portobello Road, gift shops in Notting Hill or places to buy Curiosities in W11, you’ll fall in love with Alice’s.

alices shop portobello road aviator dog

Alice’s Shop Products

alices portobello road display outside shop

Outside the Shop, you’ll find an assortment of captivating objects displayed, beckoning you to venture inside and explore what they offer.

alices portobello road inside the cluttered shop

As you step through the door, you’ll be greeted by cluttered shelves adorned with an array of oddities, curiosities and extraordinary objects.

rhino alices shop portobello road

Don’t forget to cast your gaze upward, as the ceiling boasts an array of fascinating hanging objects.

alices portobello road march hare art

I came across Alice in Wonderland-themed items like the March Hare Art piece during my visit.

alices portobello road wooden pinocchio

Kids may like the brightly painted wooden Pinocchio figures of various sizes, serving as delightful toys or decorative pieces.

alices portobello road king henry eighth cut out

The Shop also showcases royal paraphernalia, including a life-size cutout of King Henry VIII, pictures of royals, and decorative royal crests.

alices portobello road red metal heart with wings

Look out for the large letters spelling “Love,” which would be excellent for a wedding, anniversary party or Valentine’s Gifts. Likewise, the metal hearts with wings are equally adorable.

alices portobello road wooden boxes

Alice’s Shop offers wooden boxes with rope handles and lettering, ideal for storing paper hand towels, letters, or office sundries.

alices portobello road sugar canisters

You’ll also discover vintage-style metal red and cream sugar tins and metal coffee pots.

apothecary bottles alices portobello road

The Shop boasts an assortment of old-fashioned brown and green glass bottles, including apothecary-style bottles with labels referencing tinctures and other bygone wording, perfect for adding charm to your dressing table.

alices shop portobello road china mugs

Floral-printed china pieces abound, ranging from jugs, teapots, cups, mugs, and butter dishes, to even chamber pots. These are adorned with delightful floral or butterfly prints in pretty pinks, blues, and other enchanting colours.

alices portobello road vintage food scales

Additionally, Alice’s Shop presents old-fashioned food weighing scales, which would make a stunning display in your kitchen.

alices shop portobello road phrenology heads

For enthusiasts of traditional, industrial, and vintage interior styles, the Shop offers phrenology heads with quirky moustaches, tattoos, and hands, serving as beautiful display objects.

alices portobello road michelin tyres ornaments

Other unique finds include white china objects depicting the Michelin Man in various sizes.

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Helpful Information About Alice’s Shop

alices shop portobello road external picture

While Alice’s Shop does not have a website, you can browse their products on Alice’s Instagram account. Located at 86 Portobello Rd, London W11 2QD, the Shop is conveniently situated near Notting Hill Gate station. Current opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm.

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