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Ten Ways To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

Ten Ways To Make Your Home A Sanctuary: The Coronavirus Pandemic means staying home saves lives. Spending more time in your house or apartment may not be ideal, but you can make it a more inviting place to hang out. Start with decluttering, followed by spring cleaning and banishing germs. Letting in natural light and fresh air are easy ways to make your home feel better. My Ten Ways To Make Your Home A Sanctuary list provides straightforward advice for making your home nicer so you can stay put and help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Ten Ways To Make Your Home A Sanctuary List

1. Feel less hemmed in by decluttering the contents of your home. If you’re surrounded by mess and clutter, it could make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Putting your house in order can help you feel a sense of achievement. Spending time in a tidy home or apartment will be more enjoyable. Click here for decluttering tips.

2. Freshen up your place with an intense spring clean. Banishing dust and grime will brighten up your interiors. It’s time to clean your fridge, cooker and any other grubby corners of your home you’ve been ignoring. Read my Ten Home Spring Cleaning Tips.

3. Stay healthy by disinfecting surfaces and using anti-bacterial cleaning products. Clean surfaces regularly touched by others, such as door handles, light switches, and toilet flush handles. If you are working from home, you may want to wipe over the computer mouse and keyboard.

4. Breath in fresh air by opening up the windows and doors. Letting fresh air into your home makes it smell better as the stale air disperses.

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5. Enjoy natural light by opening up shutters, roller blinds (Sponsored Link) and curtains. Letting the light into your home will brighten up each room, especially if you have dark wall colours and interiors.

6. Connect with nature by introducing lush green plants or fresh flowers into your home. If you live in an apartment without a balcony, it is essential to bring plants inside. Exotic plants with large leaves are ideal if you have room. If you are short on space, try a small cactus instead. Read my Ten Ways To Display Plants At Home post for ideas.

7. Reduce stress by looking out the window or patio doors from your favourite armchair. Reposition chairs or your sofa so you can get a great view of the world outside. Staring out of the window can help you feel calm and connected with the outside world.

8. Relax in your living room or bedroom with cute cushions and tactile throws. Pay particular attention to your lounge and boudoir to ensure they are comfortable and cosy.

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9. Connect with others at mealtimes by making a special occasion when dining as a household. Get your best china out and set the table so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in style.

10. Unwind in the bathroom by creating a spa environment. Fragrant candles, fluffy towels and bath salts are the perfect ingredients for an indulgent soak in the tub. Read my Calm and Relaxing Spa Bathroom Ideas.

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