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Where This London Lifestyle Blogger Lives

Being a London Lifestyle Blogger, who also writes about interiors, my home is significant to me. People often ask where I choose to live in the city and what my place looks like. Read on to discover where this London Lifestyle Blogger lives and why.

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My Current London Apartment

London Lifestyle Blogger At Home

I moved close to London Bridge Station, just off Bermondsey Street, in February 2018. Before that, I lived in Finsbury Park, North London, for over 20 years. Moving to a new part of London has reinvigorated me. Having different restaurants, exciting walks, and new places to explore is very stimulating. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to experience a new part of this beautiful city.

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Parkland Walk Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park will always have a special place in my heart. I have an immense fondness for the area and the people. I go back regularly to catch up with friends and socialise in the vicinity.

London Lifestyle Blogger Location Choice

I was lucky enough in Finsbury Park to live in a converted Victorian house with high ceilings. My apartment had three bedrooms, a lovely garden and a large basement. I was on the cusp of re-configuring the space to create an open-plan kitchen and dining room. Then it occurred to me that this might be the time to move somewhere different instead.

london lifestyle blogger parkland walk finsbury park

St Mary Magdalen Church on Bermondsey Street

My partner and I deliberated about moving to a house in Crouch End or possibly Muswell Hill but couldn’t make a firm decision. After being invited to review the new Ivy Restaurant at Tower Bridge, I took my partner on a tour of Bermondsey Street. It is one of my favourite streets in London, a short walk from London Bridge Station and The Shard. It has an abundance of independent shops and restaurants, little parks and even a church. It’s charming and adorable, a little haven amid a busy part of the city.

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Pizzaro Restaurant on Bermondsey Street

After our visit to Bermondsey Street, we both decided that this was where we wanted to live. That narrowed our search down, which made moving so much easier. Within six months, we sold the property in Finsbury Park and lived in a converted warehouse just around the corner from The Shard.

London Lifestyle Blogger Apartment

Because we’d settled on Bermondsey Street, the housing stock is predominantly warehouse building conversions. The area was historically known for its leather-making tanneries. Today, those beautiful buildings are fabulous flats. We decided that perhaps a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment would be a better choice for us than an entire house. It meant saying goodbye to a gorgeous garden, but that was okay because we walk a lot.

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My Refurbished Apartment Open Plan Living Space

One of the first flats we looked at was in a converted tannery with beautiful large metal windows, exposed steel beams and a central courtyard. We continued to view many properties but returned to that one because it had character and a warm, cosy feeling.

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My Refurbished Apartment Master Bedroom

We had to complete a total renovation which included levelling the floor and installing wooden floorboards. With two new bathrooms, a refurbished kitchen and painting, we were all settled in and loving it six months later. Read this article to find out more about My London Apartment Refurbishment Project.

london lifestyle blogger, master bathroom

My Refurbished Apartment Master Bathroom

Moving home and relocating to a different part of the city is stressful and time-consuming. However, it has been worth it. We adore the area, which has given us a new lease on life. Now you know where this London Lifestyle Blogger lives! You can see pictures of my pad on Love My London Apartment Pinterest Board. You may also like reading my London Lifestyle Blogger Apartment Tour. Happy snooping!

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