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Ten Ways To Put Your House In Order

My list of ten ways to put your house in order for 2021 is designed to help you get super organised for the year ahead. As you wait patiently for your vaccination against COVID, it’s a good time to sort out all those things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to doing yet. My ten ways to put your house in order include buying a new boiler, reviewing your boiler and appliance policies, checking your building and contents insurance, decluttering, and spring cleaning. Don’t delay; get organised today because once lockdown restrictions are lifted, you’ll want to book a holiday and be social. Read the tasks below and make your own list of what’s important. Good luck!

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Ten Ways To Put Your House In Order For 2021

1. Buy and install a new boiler. Hot water and heating are the heart of your home, so it is important to replace an old boiler before it breaks down. Try WarmZilla – Home Heating which makes it easy to buy a new boiler. They currently have a January sale, but if you miss out on that, they give you the best price guarantee or £50 off your order.

2. Review and organise insurance policies for your boiler and appliances. 247 Home Rescue has some deals on at the moment. You may be interested in the boiler and heating plans or perhaps one of their appliance plans where you can protect 5 or 7 appliances (washing machine, fridge, etc.).

3. Check your building insurance and contents policy to ensure it is adequate. Compare policies and prices online and switch if necessary. Money Supermarket is a good website to try.

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4. Make an inventory of your home contents. We have a lot of art, so I have made a list of each piece of art we own with the date of purchase, the price paid, the artist and the name of each piece. I have emailed myself a copy in case of a fire or flood. My next task is to take pictures of home contents and create a similar list. If I buy something new for my home, I pin a picture to a private Pinterest Board to record the price and where I purchased the item. It is also a good idea to take a video of your home each month so you have a record of the contents should disaster strike, and you need to claim insurance.

5. Review your household bills such as water, electricity and gas. Compare prices online to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Switch to a new provider if necessary.

6. Make a list and schedule of house repairs inside and outside. While you are stuck at home, you can search online for the best tradespeople and obtain quotes where possible. When the COVID restrictions are eased, tradespeople will probably be fully booked up, so you need to be first in the queue.

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7. Tackle easy DIY tasks yourself. Painting walls, ceilings and woodwork are straightforward, and you can find plenty of DIY videos online to guide you. Most DIY stores can deliver products straight to your home. B & Q and Wickes will have most of the items you require for home DIY projects. Read my Ten Stylish DIY Home Improvements article for ideas.

8. If you didn’t get around to decluttering your home during the first lockdown, this is your opportunity to tackle it now. Declutter your home, sell unwanted items online and dispose of the rubbish. Read my Ten Wardrobe Decluttering Tips and Ten Tips on How To Ditch Your Junk Responsibly.

9. After decluttering, you can spring clean your house. I know that many people put off spring cleaning but if you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it? You’ll regret not seizing this opportunity when we come out of lockdown. Read my Ten Home Spring Cleaning Tips for advice.

10. Spoil yourself by making a list or Pinterest Board of all the products you’d love to purchase for your home. Treat yourself to a new piece of art, decorative object or a couple of cushions. If you have completed all the tasks on this list, you will deserve a self-gift!

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